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Relevant news concerning the region belonging to California and Baja California’s border.
Noticias relevantes relacionadas a la región perteneciente a la frontera de California y Baja California.

January, 2019

  • 7 January

    County Officials Take Oath of Office

    By: Mario Conde, reporter A new day in county leadership begins on January 7 as imperial county officials took oath of office lead my Judge Ruth Montenegro. The officials raised their right hand and promised to do their jobs at the best of their ability. The re-elected and elected county …

  • 5 January


    MEXICALI, BC- Due to the low temperatures that have registered in the region, the State Government headed by President Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, through the Department of Health of Baja California, recommends that the public take extreme care for the cold season. The head of the unit, Guillermo Trejo Dozal, …

  • 5 January

    No End in Sight for Government Shutdown

    -Editorial “No Wall, No Deal.” Those were the remarks of Vice-President Michael Pence recently about the government shutdown that began last year and shows no signals of ending soon. President Donald Trump has said time and again that the U.S. needs a wall for border security. The government shutdown is …

  • 4 January

    Blue Angels Make Landing in Imperial Valley

    -Editorial A squadron of Navy jets flew through the skies breaking the sound barrier and then landed to the place they will call home for the next few months. The squadron was none other than the Blue Angels who arrived Jan. 3 to the Naval Air Facility in El Centro, …

  • 2 January


    The human side of the corporation is strengthened MEXICALI, BC- Last month, State Preventive Police, in addition to fighting crime, it has been vitally important to maintain close contact with citizens on all vulnerable population, which is why they went to the priority neighborhoods and provided blankets to mitigate the …

  • 2 January

    Study reveals: Las Vegas is still the Casino Capital in 2018

    Revealed: The World’s Ultimate Casino Capitals A breakdown of the cities that host the most numerous and best casinos worldwide Las Vegas, USA,  unsurprisingly tops the list with annual revenue of 159 billion USD and 76 casinos, more than 3 times any other city. Monte Carlo, Monaco, ranks last. The …

December, 2018

  • 31 December


    The first death was recorded for this condition in the municipality of Ensenada MEXICALI, B. C.- The Government of the State headed by President Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, through the Ministry of Health, reiterates call to vaccinate against influenza, which is available in the health sector. In a press conference, …

  • 29 December

    Mexicali Police Assists in Labor of Young Woman in Street Situation

    -Editorial In the border city of Mexicali, a holiday season operation has been working in coordination between the three government orders: army, state police and municipal police, whose main objective is to safeguard the security of the population that transits or lives in this border city. However, these security issues …

  • 29 December

    Mexico’s President, AMLO, signs decree for fiscal stimulus and salary increase in the northern border

    -Editorial -Today, he presents a secretary of economy program whose headquarters will be in Monterrey, Nuevo León. According to the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Carlos Urzúa, with such a decree, the state of Nuevo León will receive contributions of 11.4 million pesos or an increase of 15% in …

  • 29 December

    The End of the Year and Adaptation to Change

    By: Ellie Burgueño The end of the year arrives and with it, the list of new resolutions or goals for 2019. Do you have yours? A few days remain before the end of the year toast for an excellent new year with the closest ones and to give thanks for …