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July, 2023

  • 25 July

    Why More Women Choose to Stay Single as Independence Grows?

    -Editorial In today’s society, more women are embracing their financial and emotional independence, leading them to choose the path of staying single. The number of single women in the U.S. and globally has been steadily increasing, with more than half of all women now opting for singlehood. While this trend …

February, 2021

  • 2 February

    Social Media: A door to infidelity

    -Editorial Recently published studies suggest that the compulsive use of social media websites like Facebook can jeopardize romantic relationships. Facebook has become a vital part of daily living and a popular way of initiating, establishing, maintaining, and enhancing existing as well as new relationships, including illegitimate ones. It has been …

December, 2019

  • 31 December

    When Dad Stays Home: Advice for Couples Who Buck the Stereotype

    As more women have joined the workforce, many are dedicated to growing their careers or running successful businesses. Those efforts often demand long hours, travel, and time away from home. And while it’s no longer unusual for women to be the main breadwinner in their family, another U.S. social dynamic …

September, 2019

  • 22 September

    Are smartphones ruining relationships?

    Whether you mean to do it or not, you’re “phubbing.” You may be even phubbing someone right now as you read this! What’s phubbing? Phubbing is snubbing someone you are talking to while looking at your phone. This word may be new to you, but guaranteed you’ve fallen prey to …

August, 2019

  • 7 August


    Is it possible that a relationship that starts online will last? Mexicali, B.C.- The era of industry 4.0 and globalization in which we live, not only accelerates innovation processes but also affects other aspects, such as the construction of interpersonal relationships in today’s society. Increasingly, it is common for generations …

August, 2016

  • 12 August

    Healthy relationships lead to better lives

    By: Teddi Dineley Johnson Unless you’re shipwrecked on a deserted island, you probably enjoy a handful of close relationships. From spouses to children to friends, parents, siblings and significant others, healthy relationships build self-esteem, improve mental and emotional health and help you live a fuller life. “Relationships are — not …

June, 2016

  • 11 June


    By: Nicole Rodiles, Full Time Psychology Professor at Imperial Valley College Marriage is not an arrangement that one should enter into lightly. And it makes it a lot easier if you are married to your best friend. That way, even when you don’t like the person at that moment, you …

May, 2016

  • 29 May


    By: Rubén González Vera (Psychologist, Marriage Counselor, Best Selling Author and International  Public Speaker) From its cover the psychologist Ruben Gonzalez Vera’s new book, which titles “We Have the Partner We Could Afford” (Tenemos la Pareja Para la Que Nos Alcanzo), establishes the responsibility we have over our relationship, since …

February, 2016

  • 29 February

    How to Establish a Healthy Relationship?

    Communication is a key part to building a healthy relationship. The first step is making sure you both want and expect the same things—being on the same page is very important. The following tips can help you create and maintain a healthy relationship: Speak Up. In a healthy relationship, if something …

  • 21 February

    Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth

    [easingslider id=”404″] By: WS DENTAL GROUP, San Diego, CA   In this article you will find: Caring for Baby’s Gums Brushing Baby’s Teeth Teething Preventing Cavities After weeks of watching your baby drool and fuss, you finally spot that first little tooth bud popping up through the gums. Over the …