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Mayors Unite for Homelessness Funding: Bipartisan Coalition Calls on California Leaders to Prioritize HHAP Program


A bipartisan coalition of mayors from California’s 13 largest cities descended upon the State Capitol, urging Governor Gavin Newsom and the state Legislature to solidify funding for homelessness services. Led by San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, the Big City Mayors’ coalition united in advocating for the continuation and permanence of the Homelessness Housing, Assistance, and Prevention (HHAP) program.

Mayor Gloria emphasized the vital role of state investment in sustaining the progress made in addressing homelessness across the state. He stressed the importance of protecting shelters and service programs that have been instrumental in transitioning individuals from the streets to stable housing. 

“The shelters and service programs that big cities up and down California have created with local and state dollars are getting people off the street and connected to care. We need to protect the progress we’ve made through continued state investment,” said San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria.

The mayors underscored the need for ongoing state funding to maintain and build upon the achievements made thus far.

In addition to safeguarding HHAP funding, the mayors called for the restoration of cuts to the Regional Early Action Planning 2.0 (REAP 2.0) grants, which facilitate the creation of new housing opportunities to combat California’s housing affordability crisis. They also highlighted the importance of continued investment in programs like the California Youth Service Corps and urged action to address retail theft.

Despite recent budget deficits, the mayors stressed the critical role of HHAP funding in supporting temporary and permanent housing programs aimed at reducing homelessness. They emphasized the need for accountability and transparency in the allocation of funds and released a report detailing the impact of HHAP funding, including the creation of emergency shelter beds and interim homes, as well as the number of individuals served and placed into housing interventions.

Echoing Mayor Gloria’s sentiments, other mayors voiced their support for sustaining and expanding efforts to combat homelessness. Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass emphasized the importance of collaboration with state leaders, while San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan highlighted the tangible impact of HHAP funding in reducing unsheltered homelessness in his city. San Francisco Mayor London N. Breed underscored the essential role of HHAP resources in providing temporary shelter and pathways to long-term housing solutions for thousands of individuals in need.

“Long Beach has been proactive in tackling the housing and homelessness challenges facing our region, but these efforts require sustained resources and partnerships with the state to deliver meaningful results. With ongoing state funding, we will continue to responsibly utilize HHAP dollars to address homelessness in our city, and transition more people off of our streets and into safe and stable housing,” Long Beach Mayor Rex Richardson stated. 

“Big cities are on the front lines of the homelessness crisis, and we urge state leaders to sustain Homelessness Housing, Assistance, and Prevention funding that has helped thousands find a path off of the streets,” Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao added. “As someone who was homeless as a young mother and lived much of my life trying to survive without secure and stable housing, I know how much having a dignified place to stay can help end the cycle of homelessness. Let’s continue to work in collaboration and invest in stable and dignified housing and shelter for unhoused Californians.”  

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