May, 2024

  • 15 May

    Biden and Trump Agree to June and September Debates

    -Editorial President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump reached an agreement to engage in two campaign debates, set for June and September respectively. The first debate, slated for June 27, will be hosted by CNN, while the second, scheduled for September 10, will be facilitated by ABC.  This agreement …

  • 3 May

    Officials from the Biden Administration urge Hispanic media to amplify achievements and combat misinformation

    Washington, D.C. – Senior officials from President Joe Biden’s administration have called on local Hispanic media to communicate the work accomplished during this term to elevate Latinos above the “noise” and “disinformation” in this election year. In a meeting on Wednesday with members of the National Association of Hispanic Publications …

April, 2024

March, 2024

  • 29 March

    New Citizens Will Be Able to Seamlessly Request Social Security Updates

    -Editorial U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services today announced the expansion of the Enumeration Beyond Entry (EBE) program to the new edition of the Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, starting on April 1. What You Need to Know Beginning April 1, noncitizens applying for naturalization, using the new edition of Form N-400 (edition date …

February, 2024

January, 2024