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September, 2023

  • 16 September

    AB 918 on the way to the Governor’s desk

    -Editorial AB 918 moved to the Governor’s desk after it passed the Senate Floor and Assembly Floor for concurrence during the final day of the legislative session Thursday, September 14, 2023. The City of El Centro continued its support of AB 918 by submitting an updated Letter of Support this …

July, 2023

  • 30 July


    By: Dr. Elton Gómez, Specialist in Regenerative Medicine. The correctable markers or parameters of anti-aging using current technology are subjects of research and study. While there is no universal consensus on specific markers, some immunological and biological markers related to aging have been identified. Here are some of them: Immunological …

  • 28 July

    Mexican Consulate and Vo Medical Center Sign Agreement to Support Ventanilla de Salud

    -Editorial  The Ventanilla de Salud program has a new fiscal agent in Imperial Valley as the Consulate of Mexico signed an agreement with a respected medical group that will support this initiative.  Starting July 27, a new alliance for Ventanilla de Salud will operate between the Consulate of Mexico in …

May, 2023

  • 26 May

    The End of Aging

    By: Dr. Elton Gómez, Specialist in Regenerative Medicine Regenerative therapies are a promising field of research in the realm of anti-aging. These therapies focus on the use of stem cells and plasma growth factors to regenerate damaged or aging tissues and organs. In the context of anti-aging, regenerative therapies can …

  • 8 May

    Imperial County Supervisors Demand Unity from The Three Local Medical Districts

    -Editorial As Imperial Valley residents await what will be the future of the two hospitals going forward, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors asked the three major medical districts to work together and set aside their differences.  The Board of Supervisors met on May 2nd to hear a presentation by …

April, 2023

  • 16 April


    By: Dr. Elton Gómez, Specialist in Regenerative Medicine. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a preparation of blood plasma that has been specially treated to increase its concentration of platelets. Platelets are blood cells that help to clot blood and promote wound healing. PRP is obtained from a patient’s blood sample, which …

  • 13 April

    Pablo Velez Appointed as ECRMC Chief Executive Office

    -Editorial In coordination with the El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) Board of Trustees, UC San Diego Health announced that Pablo Velez, R.N., Ph.D., has been appointed by UC San Diego Health as ECRMC’s chief executive officer effective April 17.  It has been a challenging time for El Centro Regional …

February, 2023

  • 23 February

    Health Fair Teaches People How to Take Care of Their Heart

    –Editorial With the mission of inspiring people to take care of their health and especially their hearts, the Calexico Wellness Center hosted a health fair at the Calexico Women’s Improvement Club where the community was able to hear informational presentations and talk to different health agencies.  “Every year we do …

  • 8 February

    Imperial County’s Trust in Vaccines Reduce Covid Infections

    -Editorial, EMG-CA Covid Misinformation Fellowship Imperial County was California’s COVID-19 epicenter in 2020. Many of its residents who tested positive for this virus suffered severe symptoms overwhelming the local hospitals. Many of them, unfortunately, are no longer with us due to the pandemic.   But there were heroes among us, the …

  • 3 February

    Tijuana is the epicenter for medical manufacturing

    -Editorial The access that the binational region gives benefits the economy, especially in the medical field where Tijuana has become the hub of innovation. Medical devices are an important industry, not only because of the size of the global market but also because of the role it represents in healthcare …