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July, 2023

  • 12 July

    How Unnecessary Expenses and Poor Financial Habits Can Burden Your Future?

    By: Ellie Burgueno We often find ourselves caught in a daily routine where seemingly insignificant expenses add up over time, taking a toll on our financial well-being. From indulging in morning coffees to subscribing to multiple streaming services, these ant expenses can gradually bury us in debt without us even …

June, 2023

  • 4 June

    Navigating Debt Consolidation for a Better Financial Well-being

    By: Ellie Burgueño COLUMN: ADDED VALUE As an avid practitioner of credit management, money handling, and income diversification, I have ventured into the realm of personal finances, becoming a trusted columnist in this field. However, my thirst for knowledge remains unquenchable. Every day presents an opportunity for me to expand …

May, 2023

  • 18 May

    The Hidden Perils of Bad Debt: How it Can Devastate Your Financial Well-being

    By: Ellie Burgueno PERSONAL FINANCE COLUMN: ADDED VALUE In today’s consumer-driven society, debt has become a common part of many people’s lives. While some debt can be managed effectively, there is a particular type that can inflict severe damage on your financial health – bad debt. Debt can be a …

April, 2022

  • 6 April


    -Editorial In retrospect, it is possible to assess that 2022 was a year expected by practically everyone given its promising conditions regarding the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. And yes, the new year brought with it an encouraging outlook, in which the epidemiological traffic light for Mexico managed to turn …

November, 2021

  • 13 November

    Financial Education Week Brings Knowledge to Mexicans Abroad

    -Editorial To sensitize the population about the importance of developing sufficient financial capacities, to manage and make the best use of resources as well as to guide Mexicans living abroad, the National Financial Education Week (SNEF) was a great success in 2021.  In collaboration with the National Commission for the …

  • 5 November

    Challenges and Obstacles of Women Entrepreneurs

    By: Ellie Burgueño The challenges and obstacles that women entrepreneurs face today are many, as we continue in the fight for equal rights and dignified treatment, as well as the fight for the recognition of our achievements and capabilities. Listing the most relevant challenges is a task I gave myself …

April, 2021

  • 11 April

    How to Get Smart About Money

    By: Ellie Burgueno An important part of winning in life is learning how to be smart with money because money touches nearly everything that we do in our daily lives. If you learn how to be smart with your money and manage it well, you will be able to accomplish some amazing things …

February, 2021

  • 9 February

    The Rise of Social Investor

    -Editorial Investing in the stock market is a risky business but if done right it could bring financial security to a person’s life. In the last couple of years, there has been an increase in middle-class people investing in the stock market. But not all stock options are good for …

January, 2021

  • 18 January

    Some personal finance rules to follow in 2021

    By: Ellie Burgueno 2020 has been a roller coaster for everyone, and while it is a sad year for some who lost their loved ones or their jobs, others are still struggling financially during this holiday season because we’re still in the middle of a pandemic that has limited everyone …

November, 2020

  • 22 November

    Californians May Have to Repay Unemployment Benefits Due to Overpayment

    -Editorial People that have been overpaid unemployment benefits during this pandemic may have to repay the state if they fail to show their income.  Several unemployment recipients in California have received a letter telling people they have 21 days to provide 2019 income documents for their pandemic unemployment assistance.  “You …