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November, 2022

  • 21 November

    Music band members of “Los Chicos del 512” died in Vehicle Accident

    -Editorial On Friday, November 18th, 2022, a horrific accident took the lives of Ricardo Madrid, Leo “Papo” Neblina, Andres Sandoval, and Ruben Hernandez, bound to perform at United Wireless Arena Friday night, they all met a tragic fate earlier that day when their tour bus hit black ice somewhere southwest …

  • 21 November

    Calexico City Council Takes Action to Fix City Facilities

    -Editorial While the recent news has been bad for Calexico regarding its financial conditions, corrective measures have been taken to fix a litany of problems that are affecting city facilities. Now it’s time to implement those changes.  The Calexico City Council had its regular meeting to discuss the 1st Quarter …

  • 19 November

    Energy Transition for a Greener Economy in 2022

    By: Dr. Alejandro Díaz Bautista, Economist, and Researcher (Ph.D.).   • The Cop 27 in Egypt has 200 invited countries and the challenge is to stop climate change.   • The Government of Mexico promises at COP-27 to reduce gas emissions. The United States and Mexico have been developing a …

  • 17 November

    Law and photography

    By: Jaime Israel Davila Gomez, Attorney. The daily activity of a photographer implies a series of rights in their favor, which they often do not know about and which, to a greater or lesser extent, affect their profession. First of all, they have all the human rights that a person …

  • 17 November


    -Editorial To speed up the international crossing between Mexico and the United States at the border between Tijuana and San Ysidro, the Government of Baja California, together with authorities from both sides of the border, participated in a historic operation to speed up the international crossing, reported the Secretary General …

  • 16 November

    Caravan Arrives in Imperial County to Inform Workers About Their Rights

    -Editorial A caravan of state agencies from around the State of California and local organizations woke up very early in the morning to approach farmworkers and let them know about their worker rights and how they are protected under the law despite their immigration status. A press conference was held …

  • 16 November


    By: Teodoro Renteria Arróyave Column: Comment on Time  We cannot confirm it yet but it seems there is a shift in favor of attacked journalists, for now, in terms of protection for assaulted colleagues and the recognition and payment of compensation by the Mexican government for crimes committed in previous …

  • 15 November

    CETis No. 75 “Leona Vicario” Celebrates 41 Years of Quality Education

    -Editorial Celebrating more than four decades as one of the most important educational institutions in Mexicali and its history, CETis 75 is a source of pride since people have graduated that are making a difference in the city. Last Tuesday, November 8 of this year, the XLI Anniversary Ceremony of …

  • 15 November

    Love on the Border: Kayla and Vidal

    -Editorial For California’s ‘Stop the Hate’ Initiative The story of Kayla Kirby and Vidal Ramirez is one of love and friendship. It’s a love tail that bridges the chasm between people who come from different cultures, speak different languages, come from different nations, and stand as testimony to racial and …

  • 14 November

    Mexicans March Against Initiative to Overhaul Electoral System

    -Editorial Tens of thousands took to the streets in Mexico on Nov. 13 to protest President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s plan to overhaul the country’s electoral commission in what they fear would centralize power in the hands of the government. Every state in Mexico held a rally to protect the …