May, 2023

  • 26 May

    Beyond Graduation: Embracing the Path Ahead

    -Editorial Graduating from college is an exciting milestone, but it can also be a time of uncertainty and confusion as you navigate the transition into the next phase of your life. As you stand on the precipice of endless possibilities, it’s natural to wonder, “What’s next?” In this article, we’ll …

  • 25 May

    IVC Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month

    -Editorial On Thursday, April 20th Imperial Valley College (IVC) Nursing and Allied Health Programs in collaboration with San Diego & Imperial Community College Regional Consortium held their first Annual VIP Luncheon for Healthcare Professionals. The event was hosted by the Associate Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Programs, Dr. Ortiz, …

  • 25 May

    Social Media and Its Impact on Youth Mental Health

    -Editorial In a recent Surgeon General’s Advisory, United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy shed light on the concerning connection between social media and the mental health crisis among children and teenagers. While social media platforms offer certain benefits, there is mounting evidence suggesting that they also pose risks to …

  • 24 May

    The strength of the national economy and the weakening of the dollar are the factors that fortify our currency

    By: Teodoro Rentería Arróyave, Journalist and Writer. According to an analysis titled “El euro, la Unidad Monetaria Asiática y el Renminbi amenazan la supremacía del dólar” (The euro, the Asian Monetary Unit, and the Renminbi threaten the supremacy of the dollar), the recent strength of the Mexican peso can be …

  • 23 May

    Bud Light’s Sales Plummet Amidst Controversial Partnership with Influencer Dylan Mulvaney

    -Editorial Bud Light’s sales have been on a downward trend following a controversial marketing campaign that had a significant impact on the brand’s image and may have caused long-term damage. The decline in sales can be attributed to a boycott that emerged after the company’s sponsorship deal with actress and …

  • 23 May

    Calexico CBP runs a relay to honor fallen law enforcement officers

    -Editorial U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Area Port of Calexico officers entered two teams into the 14th Annual Law Enforcement Relay Run hosted by the U.S. Border Patrol’s (USBP) El Centro Sector. The event honored the lives and careers of fallen law enforcement officers. Before the 24-mile race began, …

  • 22 May

    California Big City Mayors Unite, Urging Ongoing State Commitment to Tackle Homelessness

    -Editorial In a press conference held at the State Capitol, the California Big City Mayors, a bipartisan coalition of leaders from the state’s 13 largest cities, emphasized the crucial need for ongoing state funding to combat the widespread issue of homelessness. Led by San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, who chairs …

  • 21 May

    Visa Delivery in India Results in 50% Reduction in Applicant Wait Times

    -Editorial In a significant breakthrough for visa applicants in India, wait times for U.S. visitor visas have experienced a rapid decline in recent weeks. This positive development showcases the effectiveness of measures implemented by the U.S. Department of State to address the pressing issue of extreme visitor visa delays. From …

  • 20 May

    Residents Urged to Stay Vigilant Against Heatstroke as Summer Approaches

    -Editorial With summer just around the corner, the Imperial County Public Health Department’s (ICPHD) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency is sounding the alarm about the dangers of heatstroke. Shockingly, heatstroke is the leading cause of death for children outside of car crashes, as revealed by the National Highway Traffic Safety …

  • 19 May

    Fentanyl: A Looming Threat That Must Be Defeated

    -Editorial In a heartbreaking tragedy, 29-year-old Benito Manuel Alvarado lost his life to a fentanyl overdose. Affectionately known as “Benny Boy” among his loved ones, he entered this world a day after his mother’s 15th birthday, earning him the nickname “Quinceañera baby.” “Benny had a remarkable sense of humor and …