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April, 2022

  • 28 April

    Mario Vela Brings Passion and Talent to District Attorney’s Race

    -Editorial “Mario Vela for The People” Those are the words Deputy District Attorney Mario Vela proudly says when he goes before a judge in a courtroom representing the People of the State of California. At the early age of 31, Vela shows an extraordinary passion for the law and is …

  • 28 April

    Stop Russia, Stand Up with Ukraine

    By: Terry Ahtziry Cardenas Banda, attorney, social activist, philanthropist and law professor. Between tears, uncertainty and pain, a human rights tragedy is being experienced, with unfounded justifications, lack of evidence and with the international community against them, the Russian Federation continues to attack the rule of law of the Ukrainian …

  • 26 April

    Dr. Johnson selected as IVC Superintendent/President

    -Editorial  The IVC Board of Trustees announced Dr. Lennor Johnson, as their selection for the superintendent/president position after the closed session of a special board meeting on Monday, April 25. Pending successful completion of negotiations of an employment agreement, Lennor Johnson will become the tenth superintendent/president of Imperial Valley College …

  • 25 April

    Melissa Lucio’s Execution Delayed by Texas Criminal Court

    -Editorial Melissa Lucio has walked through hell grieving the loss of a daughter and trying to escape the death penalty that has knocked on her doors several times. Her time is running out and once again she has escaped death as she was scheduled to be executed on April 27. …

  • 23 April

    Bureaucracy, still a burden on economic activity in 2022 and in the future years

    By: Dr. Alejandro Diaz-Bautista, Economist and Researcher. In most cases, the high degree of bureaucratic processes in states and countries is one of the biggest blocks to economic growth. The high amount of bureaucratic procedures that governments apply, causes a slowdown in processes as simple as the creation of a …

  • 22 April

    Imperial County Lawyers Association Welcomes U.S. District Ruth Bermudez Montenegro

    -Editorial For many girls in Imperial County, U.S. District Judge Ruth Bermudez Montenegro is the inspiration for what they can become in the future. Bermudez Montenegro is the first valley native to achieve that level, but certainly, she wouldn’t be the last. At a reception at the United States Courthouse …

  • 21 April

    Arrests Increase at The U.S.-Mexico Border

    -Editorial U.S. border authorities arrested 210,000 migrants attempting to cross the border with Mexico in March, the highest monthly total in two decades and underscoring challenges in the coming months for U.S. President Joe Biden. The March total is a 24% increase from the same month a year earlier when …

  • 20 April


    -Editorial Mexicali is known for its sunny weather, its beautiful sunrises, and sunsets, however, few people know that there are aerial activities that can be done in the city. If you are one of those who like to have different experiences, the magic of getting on a hot air balloon, …

  • 19 April

    Statevolt to develop 54GWh Gigafactory in Imperial Valley

    -Editorial More than a century ago, the gold rush brought thousands of people to California and reinvigorated the American economy. Fast-forward to 2022 and the “white gold” lithium rush in Imperial Valley attracted a billion-dollar investment to Imperial County.  The news was welcomed by the Imperial County Board of Supervisors, …

  • 19 April

    IID seeks public’s help in curbing energy theft

    -Editorial With the onset of spring comes a challenge for the not-for-profit Imperial Irrigation District to eliminate the theft of electrical energy. To that end, the district is seeking the public’s help by asking customers to report suspicious activity, which can include tampering with electrical meters, power lines, and electrical …