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Wines from Baja California awarded in the Bacchus 2024 Competition


Last Tuesday, April 23, the XXII Bacchus International Wine Competition announced its 2024 medal table. This important event organized by the Spanish Union of Tasters (UEC) was held in Madrid from April 15 to 19 of the current year; It is part of VINOFED, a federation that brings together the main wine competitions worldwide, and it is endorsed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA) and the only competition in Spain that has the support of the International Organization of Wine (OIV).

For four days, a panel of 103 experts made up of Masters of Wine, Masters of Sommelier, oenologists, sommeliers, and specialized journalists from 28 countries, blindly tasted 1,894 registered wine labels from 17 countries. Thanks to the collaboration between the Bacchus International Competition and Provino Baja California, Víctor Segura participated as part of the jury in this edition.

Bacchus 2024 stood out as a crucial platform for Ibero-American wines, including those from Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Portugal, as well as other countries such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Moldova, being to a lesser extent wines from Germany, Italy, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

Spain obtained a total of 430 medals, and Mexico this year surpassed its performance by 2023 with a 47.4% increase in the number of awards, reaching a total of 56 medals (3 Grand Gold, 15 Gold, and 38 Silver), including a special recognition for the “Best Bacchus Mexico Wine 2024” awarded to Baja California. For its part, Slovakia obtained a total of 39 medals, the Czech Republic 36, Bolivia 18, Peru 17, Uruguay 14, Portugal 11, Brazil 10, Moldova 10, Austria 7, Italy 5, Argentina 4, Germany 2, Chile 2, France. and New Zealand 1 respectively.

The national medal table for this edition was: 2 Great Gold, 23 Gold, and 7 Silver for Baja California; 1 Great Gold, 7 Gold, and 1 Silver for Guanajuato; 5 Gold and 5 Silver for Coahuila; 2 Gold for Aguascalientes; 1 Gold and 1 Silver for Querétaro as well as 1 Silver for Zacatecas.

With the medals obtained in this twenty-second edition of Bacchus, Baja California confirms its leadership in wine production in Mexico, which contributes to 70% of the national wine, where its Mediterranean climate, orography, and great agricultural vocation generate the optimal conditions to produce grapes of great quality.

The list of medals obtained by the wineries members of Provino is described below:

Special recognition “Best wine from Mexico Bacchus 2024”:

  • Roganto: Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Great Gold Bacchus:

  • Decantos Vinícola: The Worst White Wine in the World 2021
  • Roganto: Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Bacchus of Gold:

  • Bajalupano: Merlot 2020
  • Bajalupano: Chardonnay 2022
  • Domecq Wineries: Castillo Domecq Blanco 2022
  • Domecq Wineries: Royal Reserve Viognier 2022
  • Châteu Camou: The Great Red Wine 2018
  • Wine Concert: Allegro 2021
  • Corona del Valle: Tempranillo 2019
  • Finca La Carrodilla: Astra Alba 2020
  • Finca La Carrodilla: Tempranillo 2019
  • Hacienda Guadalupe: Merlot 2020
  • Black Thread: Tricot 2023
  • The Clouds: Stratum 2017
  • The Clouds: Nebbiolo 2019
  • Lomita: Singular 2016
  • Monte Xanic: Cabernet Sauvignon 2022
  • Monte Xanic: Calixa 2022 Blend
  • Monte Xanic: Sauvignon Blanc 2023
  • Roganto: Chardonnay 2023
  • Rolu: Mix 2021

Silver Bacchus:

  • Emevé: Los Nietos 2022
  • Monte Xanic: Cabernet Franc 2022
  • Roganto: Pinot Noir 2022
  • Roganto: Valle Colorado 2018
  • Rolu: Nebbiolo 2021
  • Martlot Wines: King of the Valley 2019

Participating in these international competitions is an important indication of the quality of the region’s wines. For Provino Baja California it represents the opportunity to establish alliances that strengthen the connection between viticulture and the main international competitions, thus promoting Mexican wine.

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