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Prevention makes the difference


By: Emir López, Dentist

 As we begin the new year, new opportunities unfold and we usually take time to think about our life’s priorities, including our families and our health.

Many of us get inspired to act on these important things in life, the ones that sometimes we take for granted while we are strong enough to not suffer the consequences, like having a beautiful and lasting smile. What can we do to ensure that our smile feels and looks as good as it can?

For this, knowledge is half the battle, and awareness can positively jumpstart you against the detrimental effects of carelessness. I will be sharing with you valuable pearls throughout this year on dental health and wellbeing. Let’s start with resolutions and habits:

Decide to live abundantly. It takes mindfulness. It also takes support from others.

 Your quality-of-life today is essentially the sum of your habits.

To calm a multitude of sins inflicted to your wellbeing, a change of heart must take place. Or as Matthew wrote “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

There is no other way to lasting change than setting your priorities straight daily, every morning, and actively implement healthy habits for you and your family.

What you repeatedly do, meditate about and do each day ultimately forms the body you live in, the person you are, and the image you project to others.

But even if we get inspired to start doing better, it can be tough to follow up and actually stick to new habits.

 Part of the problem may be that we’re motivated too often by a sense of regret, pain or shame. It is common to see patients act on urgent bouts of neglect. I’m pleased to help in those situations but true long-lasting change can only be attainable when it’s self-motivated and based in assertive planning and prevention.

A great way to be assertive is getting to know your mouth. Regular preventive care, early diagnosis and treatment can help you avoid costly problems that may develop or be worsened by not acting promptly. Practicing prescribed oral hygiene techniques from your dentist is essential.

I greatly appreciate when my patients take their health seriously and decisively act on their dental care at home and show up regularly to their preventive checkups and cleanings. They delight in the security that comes from active prevention and often their children grow without experiencing any damage to their precious smiles. It’s a joy to behold the glow and peace-of-mind that my patients and their families enjoy and value.

Actively embrace a healthy routine each and every day, and decidedly set your first appointment with your dentist if you haven’t done so already. Be assertive in attending your check-ups. You’ll be pleased to visit him for preventive care. It’s so stress-free, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t consider it before.

Prevention pays in health, savings and confidence.

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