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How to Get Smart About Money

By: Ellie Burgueno An important part of winning in life is learning how to be smart with money because money touches nearly everything that we do in our daily lives. If you learn how to be smart with your money and manage it well, you will be able to accomplish some amazing things …

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U.S. Embassy Issues Travel Advisory for Mexicali

-Editorial The United States Embassy has published a travel warning for Mexicali and the Mexicali Valley due to the recent criminal events and attempted kidnappings.  The U.S. Embassy stated on their website that travelers should avoid Mexicali and the Sonora area.  “Travelers should exercise increased caution when traveling in and …

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-Editorial Some traits shared during social interaction, mainly during childhood, determine the types of attachment that each person develops in their life, explains CETYS Expert. The human being is a social being. Since his birth, he maintains contact with his peers, mainly with his parents, that connection marks the beginning …

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García Montaño says that more investments are needed

-Editorial MEXICALI, B. C.- A press conference was held with the new president of the Mexicali CCE, Juan Manuel García Montaño. Rodolfo Cabañas Vildósola, President of the Agricultural Council; Octavio Sandoval López, President of Coparmex Mexicali; Lidia Granados Pacheco, President of Canaco Mexicali;  Joaquín Jiménez Arriaga, President Index Mexicali;  Luciano …

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