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The Secretary of Sustainable Economy and Tourism Shares Measures for Safe Navigation


To prevent the occurrence of accidents at sea, in addition to complying with legal regulations, boat users must exercise extreme caution during pleasure trips or fishing. 

The Secretariat of Sustainable Economy and Tourism (SEST), informed that every boat must have a registry, according to the activity for which it was acquired, but also must have the essential equipment for safe navigation.

Through the Undersecretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture, it is indicated that all floating units must have radio communication, fire fighting, tie-ups and anchoring, flotation equipment, as is the case of life jackets.

These provisions apply to smaller commercial, recreational, or sport riparian fishing vessels, as well as larger vessels.

Water activities, it was said, involve an experience of contact with nature, which involves pleasant tours when it comes to recreational purposes, but they represent risks that must be prevented.

In addition to the mechanical factors of each unit, the crew must take care of the weather conditions in advance, as well as the areas to be covered or visited, without ceasing to notify the port captaincy authorities.

Fishing is considered one of the riskiest activities, and survival may depend on the instruments that the crew members have, in the event of a minor mishap, accident, or illness of the occupants of a boat.

In case of contingency when navigating, whoever needs help should call channel 16 of the marine band radio, which is international and is listening for any report.

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