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Starts Business At 70


Guadalupe Celis, originally from Culiacán Sinaloa, and who has lived in Mexicali since 1965, is a 70 years of age woman, single, 3 children and 7 grandchildren, who feels all the energy and motivation to make her dreams come true.

She started working very early in the family business, because her parents were business people. During her upbringing she worked in the restaurant that belonged to her family, where Andres Peralta, her brother-in-law, along with her sister Vicky, taught her to cook the traditional Cahuamanta Sonorense.

Guadalupe told us that her father was well known in the state of Sonora for his unique and delicious Cahuama recipe, which was banned because of a law prohibition, so Pancho el Cahuamero, as people knew him, from Obregon, had to adapt and implement a new recipe that was just as unique and customers liked. So with mantarraya he imitated the flavor that had his famous dish and baptized it as Cahuamanta, achieving great success in Sonora.

In an interview she said: “I grew up in Hermosillo, where my dad left us a restaurant, that’s where I learned the recipe because my brother-in-law and my sister knew it and they taught it to me. This recipe was a family recipe created since 1955 by my dad.”

That same recipe led her to pursue her dream and set up her own restaurant, which she titled: “El Peraltón” and is next to the Kotori aviacion restaurant in Mexicali.

As part of its menu, it has cahuamanta tacos, cahuamanta taco with shrimp, naked juices, juices with meat, and cahuamanta orders so she invites the community to take the challenge of knowing her delicious sonorense recipe.

She says: “I feel very motivated and inspired. I think it’s never too late to do what you want, you feel so comfortable and fulfilled, I feel happy. “

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