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Same-sex marriage approved in Baja California

By: Melissa Dorame Velázquez, Reporter

Mexicali, B.C.- The Governance, Legislation, and Constitutional Points Commission approved the draft opinion regarding same-sex marriage in the state, which will be passed to the plenary session of the Baja California Congress.

The stated initiative to reform the Constitution of Baja California in its Civil Code, obtained 5 votes in favor, 0 against it, and one abstention, corresponding to opinion no. 48.

Baja California joined the states where the union of same-sex people is recognized, being Mexico City the first entity to do it, then the Federal District, in 2010, when equal marriage and home parental adoption were legislated.

It should be noted that there is a list of precedents in Baja California where same-sex people have sought protection to have a legitimate union, however, Congress had not made the corresponding reforms.

It is important to mention that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation has already declared unconstitutional to deny same-sex marriage, in that sense, when there are no equal rights for all people, there is discrimination.

“Rights are not to be consulted´´, expressed Assemblymember Miriam Cano in a virtual session. In addition, she shared her concern regarding the pandemic, since due to the fact that they do not have legal certainty, some people have not been able to receive any information or claim their partners’ property.

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