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Mexicali Beer Fest Brings Thousands to Support Local Craft Beer


It was a night of dancing to the beat of cumbias, tributes to Metallica, AC/DC, and other rock bands that were part of a successful beer fest held in Mexicali on Nov. 13. 

This edition of the MXL Beer Fest had more than 50 breweries from around the region offering a taste of their best products to the thousands of visitors who came to enjoy their favorite beer and enjoy the music having as background the breathtaking sight of the rectory of the Autonomous University of Baja California. 

“Awesome event, well organized, this is the event I love to share with my friends,” said Carolina Robles from Calexico.

Regardless if it was Amante, Once Perros, Urbana, Sangria, or others, the brewers in Mexicali are united and supporting each other more than ever before. Seeing each other succeed goes above the competition. That’s why Mexicali craft beer is being recognized as one of the best in Mexico. 

“The beer fest has become a traditional event that everyone waits with anticipation. We couldn’t have it last year due to the pandemic but as you can see people are super happy that we are doing this,” said Oscar Galindo, President of the Association Brewers of Mexicali. 

Galindo added that they are a very united group that shares information.

“People like diversity and that’s why we are doing this. Years ago there was only industrial beer for sale but now you see different types of beer that people can choose their favorite,” Galindo stated. 

Chicali Brewers unites to bring the best out of each other so they can take their product to the next level. 

Armando Reneaum, the co-founder of Urbana along with his brother and his dad, said that there were more than 50 breweries present with quality beer and their unity helps each other improve and invest more dedication and passion in their product. 

“There has been better production in Mexicali and now we have quality beer for all people that goes from a light beer to an IPA. All this with the time and passion of our Brewers that work to create a diverse product with quality. 

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