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Women Entrepreneurs in the Region Enjoyed the Enriching 7th Industrial Women’s Tour Organized by CANACINTRA Mexicali


Led by Francisco Fuentes Aréstegui, president of CANACINTRA Mexicali, and Teresa Babún Villarreal, Vice President of Industrial Women of CANACINTRA Mexicali, the “Industrial Women’s Tour” took place on Wednesday, May 31st, in its seventh edition. The event saw the participation of approximately 130 women from the region, including women entrepreneurs from Mexicali, Tecate, San Luis Río Colorado, and the city of Tijuana.

The main objective of this event was to strengthen the group of industrial, business, and executive women who are involved in the chamber, as they represent a crucial pillar for their companies and economic development. Additionally, the event aimed to establish connections with regional businesses to foster stronger and more successful business opportunities.

The first visit was to the Fevisa Transformation Industry, where participants had the opportunity to learn about the process of glass container manufacturing. This material has become increasingly popular worldwide due to its ecological nature and its use in beverage packaging. The second visit was to the iconic Bimbo food industry, where participants not only witnessed the bread production process but also enjoyed a tasting.

Teresa Babún, the tour organizer, explained that the dynamics of the Industrial Women’s Tour involve visiting representative companies of CANACINTRA and the city, providing women with the opportunity to appreciate the development of our industry and the benefits it generates for the community.

The tour concluded with a business luncheon and a keynote speech by Laura Velarde, an entrepreneur dedicated to the metal-mechanical industry and a master in business management. Velarde has served as the president of CANACINTRA Valle del Mayo delegation and is currently the Vice President of the North Pacific Regional Zone of CANACINTRA. During the conference, the topic of “The 360-Degree Woman” was addressed. The event concluded with a raffle organized by sponsoring companies, who joined the objective of creating a networking environment among women and further promoting the creation of strong and successful businesses.

Tere Babun expressed gratitude for the support of all chamber collaborators, as well as the participating companies and the massive attendance of women from across the region. The plan is to continue this event annually, establishing it as an enriching space full of opportunities for women entrepreneurs in the region.

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