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Journalist Nelson Matus is assassinated in Acapulco, Guerrero


On Saturday, the 15th, journalist Nelson Matus was brutally murdered in Guerrero. Nelson, the owner and director of the online portal “Lo Real de Guerrero,” was shot by a group of hitmen while sitting in his car in a store parking lot in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood of Acapulco.

Eyewitnesses reported that armed men approached Nelson and shot him at close range, resulting in his instant death. The assailants quickly fled the scene, leaving his lifeless body outside the vehicle.

“Lo Real de Guerrero” is renowned in the municipality for its extensive coverage and follow-up, specializing in crime reports and news from different regions of the state. The portal, along with its Facebook profile, has also become a platform for citizen complaints regarding fatal incidents, police events, missing persons, and vehicle accidents.

Journalists, colleagues, and editors of “Lo Real de Guerrero” expressed their condolences on social media, mourning the loss of Nelson Matus. They extended their heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends, wishing him eternal rest.

Tragically, this marks the fifth murder this year and the second within a week in Mexico, as well as the second in Acapulco.

The organized union comprised of FAPERMEX, CONALIPE, and FELAP-MÉXICO unequivocally denounces this escalating wave of violence against press freedom and freedom of expression. They demand swift action from the authorities in addressing these attacks and ensuring the safety of journalists and related individuals.

Nelson Matus’s murder adds to the distressing statistics during President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration, with 75 deaths affecting freedom of expression. Among the victims are 56 journalists, 5 announcers, 6 press workers, 4 relatives and 1 friend of communicators, and 3 escorts.

Since 2000, there have been 312 documented murders, including 258 journalists, 7 announcers, 16 press workers, 15 relatives and 10 friends of communicators, 2 civilians, and 3 escorts. Alarming data from the organized union’s permanent monitoring reveals a total of 378 murders since 1983, with 321 journalists, 7 announcers, 16 press workers, 18 relatives and 11 friends of communicators, 2 civilians, and 3 escorts. Additionally, there are 28 cases of enforced disappearances awaiting resolution.

Impunity remains a grave concern, allowing criminals and enemies of press freedom to evade justice. The distressing list continues to grow exponentially.

The Organized Guild, including the Federation of Associations of Mexican Journalists (FAPERMEX), the Latin American Federation of Journalists (FELAP-Mexico), and the National College of Graduates in Journalism (CONALIPE), stands in solidarity with the grieving relatives and colleagues of Nelson Matus, demanding justice.

In their press releases, the organized union urges the highest authorities of the country to end this shameful impunity and to enforce precautionary measures to protect journalists and press workers, as mandated by the law. They call for justice and the implementation of protection mechanisms for journalists, their relatives, friends, and directors who have been targeted to intimidate the entire journalistic community. Enough is enough! This is our unwavering plea.

Furthermore, we reiterate our call to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Congress of the Union, the governors of federal entities—especially Guerrero—and the local congresses to promptly address the Pending Legislative Agenda of the Journalist. We firmly believe it is the strongest defense for communicators, an integral instrument to safeguard freedom of the press and expression in our beloved Mexico.

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