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Interview to Jesus Eduardo “Cachu” Escobar

As your campaign progressed what is the #1 issue in District 1 that needs to be addressed soon?

The #1 issue is by far the focus on economic development and bringing private sector industrial based jobs to our Imperial Valley. This is the focal point that will provide employment opportunities to our community, stimulate retail sales and provide an increased tax base and revenue stream to our county and cities.

If you are elected, what will your style of leadership be and what do you plan to bring to the table when you take the dais?

My leadership style is one of respect and teamwork, yet always effectively pushing matters forward. As a former banker and current small business owner, I recognize the sense of urgency in increasing our county’s revenue streams and as such working with my fellow supervisors to increase productivity, county employee moral, economic development and job creation.

You have mentioned that the county needs more industrial jobs, what advantages and incentives does Imperial Valley offer that makes it attractive to investors?

Our county has the financial capacity to work with real estate developers and site selectors in bringing in big business to our Valley. We must work on “the sale”; basically emphasizing our competitive advantages compared to other counties in California; abundant land, affordable construction, housing and utilities, a capable workforce and our enterprise zone designation capabilities.

When it comes to the environment what will be your role to solve the New River and Salton Sea issue?

The New River and Salton Sea dilemmas are critical to the overall health and well being of every member of my district and our county. Asthma is already rampant across our county and cancer is a vicious and deadly disease that has and will continue to affect either directly or indirectly every member of our community. This is why, from a county level, we must aggressively work with and push if necessary state and federal officials. Being one of the poorest counties in our state challenges our political strength but we must overcome this issue and show leadership and solidarity every step of the way.

What drives you to be in politics and try to make a difference in the community?

My children. I have been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters that are my daily inspiration. Recognizing the lack of opportunities in our valley for our future generations has driven me to pursue the District 1 Supervisor position. The current stays quo is not acceptable and a leadership change is desperately needed for the betterment of our Imperial Valley.

What separates you from the incumbent?

I have listened and lived empty promises made but never fulfilled from the existing incumbent. It is time for action not words.

In 2 years as a Calexico city council member, working as a united team with my fellow council-members, we have hired a public works director, a finance director, a human resources director, and an economic development director. New blood to lead our city from the brink of bankruptcy.

We have kick-started our capital improvements plan; repaving numerous city streets and rehabbing city sidewalks.

We approved commercial cannabis; cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and transport. This will support our cities general fund and provide funds for increased public safety and park rehabilitation.

These are just a few examples of teamwork, effective leadership and, most importantly, action not words.

Why should people vote for you this November for Supervisor District 1?

It is important that we look to the future and ask ourselves a fundamental question, “Is the Calexico community better off today than we were 8 years ago?”

A leadership change is needed at the county to spearhead economic development and job creation. The status quo is unacceptable. The lack of leadership is evident at the District 1 level.

Let’s come together and plant the seeds today for a brighter future tomorrow.

Let’s give our kids a brighter future here, in our Imperial Valley!

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