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Fiestas Del Sol Brings a Diversity of Entertainment and Activities

Photo courtesy by Thomas Ochoa at El Tri concert from La Isla de las Estrellas stage at the Fiestas del Sol 2019

By: Mario Conde, Reporter

The biggest event of the year in Mexicali is back as Fiestas Del Sol was officially inaugurated on Wednesday, October 2nd.

Thousands of people showed up to the inauguration of Fiestas Del Sol last night as two full weeks of festivities and concerts begin. Visitors were able to enjoy the activities such as the rides, house of horrors, the zoo, and enjoy treats such as Gorditas de Nata.

During the inauguration, Mexicali Mayor Marina Del Pilar welcomed the attendees to the fair. Mayor Del Pilar said that many months of planning have taken place in order to ensure that this Fiestas Del Sol is the best one yet.

“This is for all of you and what we make will come back to the community by doing improvements around our city, ” Mayor Del Pilar said during her remarks.

Jorge Mario Arreola Real, president of the Fiestas Del Sol organizing committee, said that during his term, they were able to keep the finances of the fair transparent and a percentage of the revenue went to supply organizations that help the community.

“We are leaving a surplus for the next administration and it will be up to them to decide what infrastructure improvements they are going to address,” Arreola Real said.

An attraction Fiestas Del Sol is having again is a beer garden with the craft beer industry of Mexicali. The unity of craft beer makers is to promote their products and show why this industry is growing the way they have.

“The city has been very supportive of the craft beer industry and allowing us to be here so that more people in Mexicali know the quality of craft beer we have,” said Jose Melquiades from Coralillo Bar.

Manuel Salazar from Puerco Salvaje bar agreed that being at Fiestas Del Sol will bring more exposure to them and to the rest of brewers.

“We all have our individual taprooms but here we can get all the people at once,” Salazar said.

Luis Larios from Fauna spoke about the unity of the local brewers and how they help each other to lift everyone up.

“We share our experience and help each other as we can. We are long-time friends with each other and that is what makes Chicali Brewers so unique,” Larios said.

The first night of Fiestas Del Sol ended with a concert by “El Tri” surrounded by thousands of followers who enjoyed their music.


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