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Wenceslao Martínez Payán will be the new President of Provino Baja California


The Baja California Provino Committee convened the General Assembly of Members on Tuesday, November 28, addressing various pertinent points for the organization and the region’s wine sector.

During this session, a vote was held to designate the new President who will lead the Board of Directors in 2024, resulting in the election of Wenceslao Martínez Payán. Martínez Payán currently holds the position of Secretary for the 2022-2023 term, and his leadership will take effect from January 1st.

The outgoing President, Mauricio Cantú Barajas, led the Association in 2022 and 2023, marking significant achievements in the sector’s revival, leaving behind an indelible legacy. Throughout his tenure, Cantú Barajas was dedicated to formulating guidelines for bolstering Baja California’s viticulture as Mexico’s primary region. He emphasized building inter-institutional ties and robust sectoral connections nationally and internationally. He was focused on ensuring agricultural vocation and sustainable development, as well as implementing initiatives benefiting the wine valleys’ communities. Additionally, he continued promoting wine culture by organizing new events and devising innovative promotional strategies via diverse marketing channels to introduce Baja Californian wine to new markets. Under his leadership and with support from the Mexican Wine Council and government entities, Baja California successfully hosted the 43rd edition of the World Vine and Wine Congress, where Provino played a pivotal role as the leading wine organization in the region.

Mauricio Cantú’s relentless efforts and strategic vision have inaugurated a new chapter for Provino Baja California, fostering a participative dynamic among its Board of Directors and members. These foundations were laid to further solidify Baja California’s position as the country’s foremost wine region. “It’s an honor to represent my association, for which we’ve toiled strenuously, and I believe every member should aspire to do so at least once in their lives. Contributing to our sector, from which we’ve gained immensely, was a privilege. I had an outstanding team and unwavering support from an exceptional Board of Directors. It provided an excellent opportunity for ideas supporting viticulture in the region to materialize, fostering positive change and ensuring representation for all voices. Small wineries, like mine, gained significant participation,” mentioned Cantú Barajas.

With the transition of leadership to Martínez Payán, it’s anticipated that Provino Baja California will persist in advancing the strategies of the preceding board while introducing novel initiatives. This aims to sustain the organization as a pivotal pillar in viticulture. “It’s a great honor to be chosen as President of such a significant association in our state and nationally. Yet, it’s an immense responsibility because we must lead the sector’s interests and our members’ aspirations most judiciously and transparently. It comes with challenges and an abundance of work, and I’m extremely enthusiastic,” expressed the president-elect.

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