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“The Vineyards in Bloom Festival 2022” will Honor the Land and Viticulture of Valle de Guadalupe


The Baja California Provino Committee announced the details of an event “Vineyards in Bloom Festival 2022” that will take place June 9 to the 11th which pays tribute to the producers of the land and viticulture of the region, promoting sustainability, traditions, and ecological awareness in a collaborative effort.

There will be workshops and field visits focused on promoting environmental education and the management of natural resources:

Compost workshop applied to vineyards – By Colectivo Chamizos.

Use of native plants in gardens and as the recovery of already damaged areas – By Paula Pijoan.

The Mogor Baths – Guided tour by Claudia Turrent

 Thursday, June 9, 2022 (Different times, locations, and recovery costs).

The cycle of conferences was born as an initiative of residents, workers, visitors, and producers of Valle de Guadalupe to promote responsible practices, new methods, and technologies in the management of land, water, and natural resources in the region.

Based on knowledge and its dissemination, it seeks to generate an impact on the management and development of productive agricultural areas in the different valleys of Baja California.


9:30 AM – “Live in the Valley Without Rules” – Estela Mar Valle

10:50 AM – “Regenerative landscaping” – Alejandra Cuentas and Bruno Zumpano

Noon – “Bio construction and sustainability in construction” – Vivianne Flores

 12:40 PM- “Rehydrate the landscape with rainwater harvesting” – Claire Acosta

 1:20 PM – “Viability of sustainable tourism: the example of Rancho La Puerta” -Osvaldo Grandson.

Ecological corridor:

A space intended for civil associations and private companies promoting good practices, awareness, and responsible management of natural resources.  It takes place simultaneously in the prelude to Conferences in Flor.

Friday, June 10.  Ensenada Room of the Hotel Coral & Marina from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Free admission, prior registration: https://bit.ly/ConferenciasEnFlorFestival

A family festival where all the participants join in donating their time and their product with a single purpose: to contribute each one from their trench for the sustainable development of the community. This 2022 edition will benefit the “Rancho de Los Niños” Orphanage located in Ejido El Porvenir, Ensenada, B.C. An institution that since 1968 provided care to minors between 2 and 17 years of age and currently has 77 children.

Participation of 80 wineries with a tasting of +150 labels of young wine from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM (or while supplies last). A Country Market where the public can buy various products from the region, including artisanal bread, olive oil, honey, cheeses, and handicrafts.

Gastronomic stations under the coordination of Chef Drew Deckman, where various dishes will be prepared based on fresh products from the region at very affordable prices for the whole family. The preparations will be in charge of guest chefs/restaurants: Vicko Morales from Artio with artisan sausages, Deckman’s in El Mogor with rabbit and tomatoes, Fabiola Aceves and Alex Torres from Envero in El Valle with corn and vegetables, Gaby Melchum and Ernesto Rocha from Hacienda Guadalupe with quail, Carolina Verdugo and Miguel Bahena de Madre with suckling pig, Manzanilla with lamb and the School of Gastronomy of the Vizcaya University of the Americas with lettuce, vegetables, and freshwater, in addition to supporting students at each of the stations.

Again, the ethnic groups of Baja California will participate in the Mercadito Campestre with the sale of handicrafts, represented by the Master Craftswoman and Kumiai Weaver María Eugenia Meza Vaquero who obtained the 1st.  Place in the Semi-hard fiber fabric category in the 2021 National Popular Art Contest (FONART), as well as in a gastronomic station where the traditional cook Kiliwa Beatriz Haros from the Huerta Community will offer quesadillas for sale with biznaga flower, machaca, and acorn-fed coffee, while Magda and Rigo Aldama will make bean burritos with wheat and barbecue.

The raising of funds to benefit the Rancho de Los Niños Orphanage is also achieved through the sale of wine and the art auction. Thanks to the donation of the products by the winemakers, space is set up to sell wine by bottle at an excellent price.

Additionally, 3 large-format paintings are made on-site with the help of children, and once the works are finished, they are auctioned at the event; this year, three generations of artists who are highly committed to their craft join: Mischka Ippolita from Tijuana, currently selected for the State Biennial and the Pictorial Triennial, Esther Gáme who also coordinates this event activity, and teacher Elena Pomar, an artist with a great international career.

Petanque tournament coordinated by the Mexican Petanque Federation, where pairs made up of audiences of all ages participate, receiving surprise prizes for the first 3 winning places in the tournament.  Plastic arts activities for children by the Prisma Academy, kite flying, and tractor tours of the vineyard.

This alliance between the wine sector, guest chefs and restaurants, plastic artists, farmers, students, institutions, the private sector, and volunteers, represents an important effort to strengthen the sense of community in the region.

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