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The federal government n Mexico presents the Social Security program for self-employed journalists


Within the framework of Freedom of Expression Day in Mexico, the federal government presented the Social Security program for Self-Employed Journalists, through which they will be able to access the five insurances of the Mandatory Regime of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS): Diseases and Maternity, Occupational Risks, Disability and Life, Retirement, Unemployment in Old Age and Old Age, and Nurseries and Social Benefits.

As of June 7, registration can be made at http://imss.gob.mx/periodistas-por-cuenta-propia, on June 30 the first cut will be made and, on August 1st, the insurance of independent journalists.

The requirements are: to have the Unique Population Registry Key (CURP), Social Security Number (NSS), Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC), and the e.signature, provide a Curriculum Vitae that provides the trajectory and describes the latest activities carried out by journalists.

Among the selection criteria to join social security, it is necessary to prove that journalism is practiced and at the time of registration you must not be affiliated as a worker in the IMSS.

It is also required to have worked in a media outlet (radio, television, written press, or platform specialized in journalism), provide evidence with verifiable records to prove that the applicant has worked in the last year, and deliver three products of their work that demonstrate your character as an independent journalist.

With this new social security scheme, the IMSS offers comprehensive insurance so that self-employed journalists and their families can count on all the benefits of social security.

To evaluate and approve the requests, a Consultative Committee for the Integration of the Census of Journalists was created, made up of personalities with extensive journalistic experience: Enrique Galván Ochoa, Fernanda Tapia, José Reveles, Nancy Flores, and Rubén Villalpando Moreno, who contribute their time and I work voluntarily and without pay.

Its fundamental task will be to define the criteria for the incorporation of self-employed journalists into the previous census, integrate it through a digital platform, as well as examine the requests of those who register. The body will hold ordinary sessions every six months and will hold extraordinary sessions.

The Committee will determine if these works correspond to the journalistic field, an autograph letter will be required where you commit to tell the truth and that all your work is under journalistic ethics.

Likewise, work will be done on a proposal to access credits for decent housing or improvement of their homes, through the Institute of the National Fund for Workers’ Housing (Infonavit).  This will be announced later.

The resources to make this right to comprehensive social security effective will come from the funds available to the federal government for media outreach campaigns, this year 25 percent of the total will be available, that is, 3,000 40 million pesos, 760 million will be used to finance this plan.

The proposal was made by the Presidency of Mexico, the IMSS, and the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), who through the Undersecretary of Human Rights, Population and Migration will manage the fund to deliver it to Social Security.

The pension was calculated based on the professional minimum wage applicable to journalists, editors, and graphic or video reporters; in this case, an income of 387 pesos was taken into account, around 11,600 pesos per month; the contribution that the Mexican State will make monthly will be 2 thousand 139.22 pesos, one part will be used for medical services and another for the pension fund.

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