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Second Stimulus Package Still in The Limbo


Legislators are going back to work next week in Washington and people are still waiting for a second stimulus package that can help them during this pandemic.

The Trump administration and Congress have agreed to pass a bill to avoid a government shutdown without tying funding to separate measures such as coronavirus relief.

Vice President Mike Pence told CNBC that the administration and Congress have an agreement to temporarily fund the government at current levels to avoid a shutdown. 

He said passing a spending plan without strings attached would allow negotiators to focus on separate coronavirus stimulus talks. 

“Now, we can focus just on another relief bill, and we’re continuing to do that in good faith,” Pence said.

A second stimulus check has the broad support of the American people, according to a Gallup survey released on Tuesday. Out of 5,000 Democrats, independents and Republicans polled, results showed that 7 in 10 Americans favor a new stimulus bill with another round of direct payments for adults who meet the eligibility requirements. The pressure on Capitol Hill negotiators to reach a deal on the next stimulus bill is ramping up.

White House and Democratic negotiators have stated that they’re ready to pick up talks on additional assistance for Americans. Perhaps when the Senate returns on Sept. 8, negotiations for another stimulus bill can resume. 

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