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New INDEX Mexicali President Sets His Priorities for His Presidency


INDEX Mexicali officially presented Joaquin Jimenez Arriaga as the new president at a press conference.

Jimenez Arriaga comes with years of experience in the industry and promises to work with the Index membership and have greater coordination.

“Today we all need economic recovery and the co-responsibility to act well will benefit us all, because being absent from the reactivation efforts would affect us all.  It is a brave challenge to aspire to the Presidency of index Mexicali, especially due to expectation of services and business representation demanded by the index Mexicali membership,” said the new president.

The new president will continue to promote all the initiatives of former presidents and members of the Mexicali index boards, which promote the growth of the export sector, representing and contributing in different business forums such as the CCE.

“The fiscal year of the Presidency 2021 – 2022 of index Mexicali will be full of challenges and new paradigms, where the required rule is the productive unit to defend the maquiladora interest. I faithfully believe that now is when we most need to unite, so that coordinated teamwork can keep the sector competitive so that we can achieve the recovery in what is needed.”

With the linking committee for the development of human capital of index Mexicali, they will promote with other business organizations, a culture of better competencies, skills, and abilities so that the workforce in Mexicali is highly contractable in most of the productive sectors of the city.

Jimenez Arriaga said that he would accompany the membership in the proper execution of the commercial and labor regulations that the USMCA requires to comply with for international manufacturing operations, seeking to promote investment in Mexico and in the City of Mexicali, particularly.

“Membership of INDEX MEXICALI is synonymous with well-being for our entire region,” he said.

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