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Miguel Chapa Runs in a Platform of Unity for Congress


On January 28, congressional candidate Miguel Chapa returned to his hometown of Calexico, connecting with residents at the Women’s Improvement Club. The event served as a platform for open dialogue on community issues, emphasizing Chapa’s commitment to unity. Amidst a warm and inviting atmosphere for attendees, Chapa showcased his dedication to fostering togetherness.

This gathering was part of Chapa’s broader campaign strategy to unify the community and address persistent challenges in the district. His vision encompasses fostering collaboration among constituents and government agencies to address longstanding issues collectively.

In his speech, Chapa outlined key initiatives, focusing on improving healthcare access, driving economic growth, resolving the New River and the Salton Sea crisis, and advocating to secure our border to protect our communities. Rooted in his Imperial County upbringing, Chapa sees himself as uniquely equipped to understand and address the region’s distinctive challenges.

Former Calexico Mayor John Moreno, introducing Chapa, expressed confidence in his candidacy, stating, “I do believe he has the best interest in our community, and I believe that having Miguel Chapa in Washington D.C. will be our best representation and voice.”

Chapa’s motivation to run stems from a commitment to protect parental rights, preserve family values, and ensure quality education for children. Opposing the sexualization and indoctrination of children, he advocates for school choice.

Excited about the support from his hometown, Chapa emphasized the need for local representation in Washington. He sees Imperial Valley, as deserving immediate attention and vows to be the advocate the District 25 needs.

Addressing border wait times, Chapa proposes local state-federal collaboration regardless of party affiliation to find effective solutions for our communities. If elected, he plans to introduce a bill doubling staffing for local police and sheriff departments and invest in the equipment, training, and support they need to enhance their capacity to safeguard cities and counties affected by the current border crisis.

Chapa envisions a safer environment for communities, emphasizing the need to double or even triple the budget for law enforcement agencies. He is committed to securing a safer future for residents.

Passionate about economic growth, Chapa not only advocates for investment in Lithium Valley but also brings in manufacturing and goes back to supporting our farmers who help feed California families. He will prioritize job opportunities to boost Imperial County’s economy and empower its residents.

With roots in both Imperial and Coachella Valleys, Chapa’s 32-year mortgage banking career reflects his commitment to community development. Serving in leadership roles for various organizations, including President of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals Coachella chapter, Chapa brings a wealth of experience to his congressional bid.

Miguel Chapa emerges as a unifying force, dedicated to bridging divides, catalyzing positive change, and amplifying local voices for Congressional progress.

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