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MANA de Valle Imperial Awards $20,000 in Scholarships to 29 Students


MANA de Imperial Valley hosted its annual Scholarship Ceremony at the Southwest High School library in El Centro to honor local students who were awarded academic scholarships. This year, MANA distributed a total of $20,000 in scholarships among twenty-nine deserving students. The scholarship amounts ranged from $500 to $1,000. The recipients of these scholarships will be attending esteemed institutions such as the University of CA, Los Angeles, University of CA, San Diego, Fresno State University, San Diego State University, Imperial Valley College, La Sierra University, and more.

“The annual scholarship ceremony is the pinnacle of MANA’s scholarship program,” stated Ida Obeso-Martinez, President of MANA. “This event serves as a platform to celebrate the academic accomplishments of our local students and recognize their dedication to pursuing higher education. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our members, the community, and business leaders for their generous support of our scholarship and educational initiatives. We would also like to express our appreciation to Southwest High School for allowing us to utilize their library for today’s ceremony.”

The Scholarship Program is coordinated by Martha Cardenas-Singh and Belen Granados. Mrs. Granados, a former scholarship recipient herself, delivered an inspiring keynote address during the ceremony. She graduated from Central Union High School and currently serves as a Deputy District Attorney at the Imperial County District Attorney’s Office. Mrs. Granados shared her own academic journey and encouraged the students to take pride in their Imperial Valley roots as they embark on their educational endeavors. Since 2007, MANA has awarded nearly $235,000 in local scholarships. The Annual Las Primeras Awards & Scholarship Fundraiser serves as the primary source of funding for the scholarship program.

2023 MANA Scholarship Recipients:

Ethan Adame, Central Union HS

Laura Avila, Southwest HS

Amy Bobadilla, Southwest HS

Nadia Cano, Central Union HS

Iker Dader, Calexico HS

Montserrat Jimenez Duarte, Southwest HS

Viviana Espino, Imperial HS

Alondra Gil, Calexico HS

Alixea Iniguez, Calexico HS

Angela Loya, Holtville HS

Briana Ramirez, Brawley Union HS

Yael Rangel, Southwest HS

Dainaly Reyes, Southwest HS

Naharai Rangel Rios, Calexico HS

Mylas Rodriguez, Central Union HS

Evangelina Ruvalcaba, Southwest HS

Mary Santana, Brawley Union HS

Maria E. Valverde, Calipatria HS

Lezly Valdez, Southwest HS

Allan Valladares, Calipatria

Anaid Martinez, Southwest HS

Brianna Mendoza, Imperial HS

Deborah Minjarez, Southwest HS

Hunter Nguyen, Imperial HS

Juan Otero, Brawley Union HS

Leilani Pradis, Central Union HS

Audrey Zendejas, Calipatria HS

Bryana Cardenas, IVC

Elsa Downs Nursing Scholarship

Bertha Frausto, IVC EOPS Transfer Scholarship

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