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Local Filmmaker Roy Dorantes Receives International Recognition for “Ni Una Más”


Imperial Valley filmmaker Roy Dorantes has been making waves in the international film circuit with his film, “Ni Una Más” (Not One More). The film, which addresses the pressing issue of domestic violence, has recently been named Best International Film at the prestigious Bucharest Film Festival in Romania and has also been selected as an official entry at the renowned San Diego Film Festival.

Despite being produced with no budget, “Ni Una Más” captivates audiences with its compelling story and high-quality production values. Dorantes, along with a passionate cast and crew, managed to create a film that resonates deeply with viewers. The movie features local actors from Imperial Valley and Mexicali, showcasing their talent and dedication to bringing awareness to this pressing social issue.

“These film festivals receive films from other countries that have funding. We had no funding. This was a grassroots community-driven project,” Dorantes said. 

Awards and accolades earned at festivals add credibility and prestige to a filmmaker’s portfolio, enhancing their reputation and attracting attention from industry professionals. This is a new chapter for Dorantes as he has worked hard to produce five local films so far.

San Diego Movie Awards is an IMDB qualifying festival in its second year as a Quarterly Film Competition – Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer – in addition to an annual in-person festival celebrating the very best films from the quarterly competitions. The festival is held in the very heart of America’s Finest City -Balboa Park- at the Museum of Photographic Arts.

The film draws inspiration from the powerful movement against abuse and femicide in Mexico, where the rallying cry of “Ni Una Más” has become a symbol of resilience and demand for justice. As hate crimes against women continue to rise, “Ni Una Más” shines a spotlight on the urgent need for government action.

“We all stuck tight because we believe in the message of speaking out against domestic violence,” Dorantes said. “That was the glue that kept us together for almost two years that took us to complete the film.” 

Originally planning to explore the impact of COVID-19 in the Imperial Valley, Dorantes took a different direction after a casting interview. During the process, a woman shared her personal experience with domestic violence, inspiring Dorantes to shift the focus of the film and shed light on this pervasive issue.

“Ni Una Más” has an impressive roster of talent, with approximately 150 individuals directly or indirectly involved in the production. Actors from Los Angeles, Mexicali, and Imperial Valley lent their skills and passion to the project, resulting in a film that captures the hearts of audiences worldwide.

With its recent recognition at the Bucharest Film Festival and selection for the San Diego Film Festival, “Ni Una Más” has firmly established itself as a powerful and important film. Roy Dorantes continues to make his mark in the industry, proving that even with limited resources, a dedicated team, and a compelling story, one can create a cinematic masterpiece that resonates with audiences globally.

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