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Heroes Paisano Program Continues to Safeguard Rights during Spring Break 2024


In a collaborative effort involving all levels of government, private initiatives, and various institutions, the official launch of the Heroes Paisano Program in Baja California was conducted. This program aims to ensure the rights, security, and well-being of Mexicans residing abroad during their entry, transit, and exit from the country.

The inauguration ceremony took place on March 8, 2024, at the El Chaparral Garita facilities, gathering representatives from the National Customs Agency of Mexico, the Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego, the Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development, the National Guard, the Tijuana Municipal Public Security Secretary, Financiera para el Bienestar, the National Institute for Adult Education, among other key stakeholders.

To streamline government services and coordinate efforts, the event saw participation from various entities, ranging from the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Baja California to the Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico and the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office, showcasing broad sectoral support.

Under the framework of the special Easter operation, the participation of 13 Paisano Observers strategically stationed in the cities of Tijuana and Mexicali was notable. These observers will offer assistance and guidance at critical points such as the El Chaparral Garita, the Bus Station, the Airport, the CBX, and other relevant locations in both cities.

The Heroes Paisano Program stands as a comprehensive initiative, ensuring a safe and respectful experience for Mexicans visiting the country, thereby fostering community ties and facilitating smooth and hassle-free transit for compatriots during this period.

The Heroes Paisano Program originated in 1989 from a citizen proposal by social, business, and religious organizations, as well as policies of the Mexican and Mexican-American community residing in the United States. These entities approached the Government of Mexico due to the pressing need to establish mechanisms to address and gradually eliminate instances of mistreatment, extortion, theft, corruption, and arrogance perpetrated by public servants against fellow citizens during their transit through the country.

Thus, the Heroes Paisano Program was established through the “Agreement by which actions to improve federal public servants are implemented at the borders, seaports, and international airports of the country,” published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on April 6, 1989, with the participation of 8 public agencies.

While the Heroes Paisano Program operates continuously, it strengthens its actions during peak periods of Mexican presence in the national territory by conducting special operations during Holy Week, summer, and winter. These operations, executed through the support of civil society members, reinforce efforts to assist Mexicans residing abroad who visit Mexico temporarily. Information and guidance are provided in modules located at major airports, bus stations, and public squares, informing visitors about the programs and services available during their entry, transit, stay, and departure from the country.

These efforts are further enhanced by the active participation and collaboration of state and municipal governments with the program.

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