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George Marquez Delivers Commencement Address and Joins Hall of Fame at Western State College of Law


On May 23, 2024, Imperial County District Attorney George Marquez delivered an inspiring Commencement address to the graduating class of Western State College of Law. A distinguished alumnus, Marquez earned his Juris Doctor Degree from the institution in 2005.

In his speech, Marquez reflected on themes of perseverance and achievement, both in the legal profession and in life. Drawing on personal anecdotes, he shared how his father’s triumph over poverty with just a first-grade education had instilled in him the values of determination and hard work. He recounted his professional journey, from serving as a Deputy District Attorney and Deputy Public Defender to eventually campaigning for and becoming the District Attorney of Imperial County.

Marquez’s address emphasized the importance of perseverance, communication, relationships, following one’s heart, balance, and the power of words. He encouraged the new graduates to adhere to these principles as they embark on their careers. “It’s a tremendous honor to deliver the commencement address and for the opportunity to pass down and pay forward some of the benefits that were passed down to me,” Marquez said.

Following his heartfelt address, Marquez was honored with a crystal award and inducted into Western State College of Law’s Hall of Fame. This recognition places him among a prestigious group of alumni who have made significant contributions to law, education, politics, government, and business. Expressing his gratitude, Marquez remarked, “It’s a tremendous honor to be included in this exclusive group to continue the legacy of the school and to represent Imperial County.”

This momentous event was preceded by Marquez’s appearance on February 15th as part of the school’s Alumni Speaker Series. During that event, Western State University praised Marquez on their social media, stating they were “delighted to host George Marquez, an esteemed alumnus and current District Attorney of Imperial County, as he shared invaluable insights and experiences with students. The event was described as a truly inspiring evening filled with wisdom and inspiration.”

Marquez’s contributions to both the legal community and his alma mater underscore his dedication to public service and mentorship, serving as an exemplar for the new generation of legal professionals.

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