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COPARMEX Mexicali Launches ‘Me Veo’ Campaign to Mobilize Citizen Engagement in Electoral Processes


To encourage citizen participation, COPARMEX Mexicali will participate in the “Me Veo” campaign, with the sole but powerful objective of motivating citizens to become precinct workers to strengthen democracy.

The “Me Veo” campaign is a neutral and apolitical effort, focused on empowering citizens to get involved in participating in the next electoral processes in our city.

Therefore, COPARMEX Mexicali, with the desire to strengthen this very important cause for citizens, invites its partners and citizens to be part of this democratic exercise.

“Electoral processes belong to everyone and it is the responsibility of the citizens to exercise democracy and rights, participation citizens in the next elections is transcendental for our country,” COPARMEX said in a statement.

On June 2, Mexico will experience the biggest election in its history:

100 million citizens are going to be called to the polls to elect more than 20 thousand elected officials.

In Baja California, the electoral registry is 3,203,810 people. But they are the state where the least people vote: in 2021 the participation at the national level was 53% and, in the state, only had 39%. The low participation also makes it difficult to install polling stations.

By legal mandate, INE has the responsibility of visiting 13% of the electoral roll to invite citizens to serve as polling station officials. In the specific case of Baja California, this initiative will reach 416 thousand citizens, which is equivalent to one in every eight inhabitants of the state. In the period between February 9 and March 31, INE will carry out these visits, focusing its attention on those born in March and April, determined through a draw that defined the month of the year for the call, March being selected. To guarantee the success of this call, it is crucial to address the main cause of rejection, which lies in the employer’s lack of permission to participate as a polling station official. In this sense, it is proposed to authorize the workers selected by the INE to actively participate in this process, providing them with the necessary permission to be absent on Sunday, June 2, and Monday, June 3.

In a related topic, the political participation of young people in Mexico stands as a highly relevant issue, according to studies carried out by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). With 30% of the total population in the range of 15 to 29 years, these young people represent a crucial potential for the country’s progress, thus underlining the imperative need for their involvement in the political sphere.

The INEGI highlights that youth political activity can be decisive in strengthening democracy in Mexico. By actively participating in decision-making, young people can voice their opinions and contribute to the formulation of policies that effectively address their needs and demands.

Despite this potential, the INEGI identifies low participation by young people in politics, revealing that only 17% of those between 18 and 29 years old cast their vote in the 2018 presidential elections. This finding underlines the importance of promoting and facilitating youth political participation in Mexico.

In addition to the data provided by the INEGI, other studies, such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), reinforce the importance of youth political participation by linking it with their sense of belonging and commitment to society.

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