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Conference Educates the Farmworker Community About Their Rights


In an effort to educate and support the farm workers of Imperial Valley, Comité Civico Del Valle hosted the first-ever farmworker conference at San Diego State University where they were provided information about their worker rights. 

Just days before the nation celebrates the birthday of Cesar Chavez, this event continues its work and legacy to make sure its voice is heard and respected. Now more than ever there needs to be support for those workers that work to harvest the land 

Mario Arellano was one of the participants in this all-day event and was very glad that learn about his worker rights.

“It was a very good event. Very good information especially the information about the pesticides,” Arellano said. 

Attendees met at Rodney Auditorium for conferences and then had breakout sessions in different classrooms. For most of them, it was the first time they visited a university campus. The experience inspired some to go back to school.

“What I learned here are ways to defend myself and defend you,” a woman that participated in the event said during the event’s closure.

Jose Luis Olmedo, Executive Director of Comite Civico del Valle, Inc., said they are very proud to host this event.

“Our goal is to provide work health and safety information and it was a great opportunity to provide farm workers with the opportunity for them to feel important. And they are important because they work the land and are part of the agricultural industry,” Olmedo said. 

Farmworkers and day laborers are an essential component of California’s agriculture industry. Farmers and farmworkers are the keystones of the larger food sector, which includes the industries that provide farmers with fertilizer and equipment; farms to produce crops and livestock; and the industries that process, transport, and distribute food to consumers.

Comite Civico del Valle (CCV) was founded on the principle that “Informed People Build Healthy Communities” and continues to incorporate this in all the organization’s partnerships, research, and civic engagement.

The organization was founded in Imperial County, California with the endeavor of improving the lives of disadvantaged communities; informing, educating, and engaging the community’s s civic participation.

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