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COMVIN Celebrates 30 Years of Service to Education and the Industry


After three decades of working for a better Mexicali with the support of schools and businesses, Comité de Vinculación de Mexicali celebrated 30 years of success in a ceremony where the group’s mission and accomplishments were remembered.

The Comité Vinculación de Mexicali (COMVIN) emerged in 1993 when its founders Gustavo Vildósola Castro, Armando Gallego Moreno, and Eduardo Martínez Palomera identified the need to link the educational programs of the main universities in the region with the industry.

With this objective, they created the Mexicali SCHOOL TO CAREER Liaison Committee with the innovative mission of connecting educational institutions with the business sector to reduce the gap between the skills and labor competencies that the productive sector requires of graduates of educational institutions in higher education.

“The linkage committee came from the example we had of American universities that had a very close relationship with the companies with which they worked closely. We decided to create a committee to link schools to companies that were independent and only worked through the Economic Development Commission,” recalled one of its founders, Eduardo Martinez Palomera. “How do we give the youth who is graduating from college a job? That is the most important thing about the school-company linkage committee. What are the careers that are being demanded at this moment?” 

One of his campaigns is “Ponte Trucha” which was the idea of ​​Trevino Creativo and was a strategy to capture the interest of the people of Mexico, recalled Palomera.

Throughout the years, they have worked hard together with companies, educational institutions, students, and the active participation of all, since we are all agents of change that transform reality and we are part of a permanent link network. 

All of society is part of this effort: public and private schools, businessmen and managers of organizations, business organizations, the media, and the three levels of government.

For 18 years it has been a tradition of the Comité de Vinculación (Linkage Committee) to hold an annual event where we give Acknowledgment/Thanks to the sponsors, which are the companies and institutions that support us with an annual donation for operating expenses.

And also to the business organizations, the Secretary of Economy, and the Educational Sector (Deans, Directors, and Heads of Linkage at all institutions).

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