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CESPM Brings Potable Water to The San Felipe Expansion After Decades of Waiting


Reaffirming its commitment to the citizenry, the Mexicali State Public Services Commission (CESPM) assumed the task of installing a drinking water system for the La Curva community in the Ampliación San Felipe area, which for more than five decades lacked this service. The work included the placement of 780 meters of pipe and an investment of 158,634.84 pesos.

Since 1970, the residents of La Curva have demanded access to the vital resource of water from the authorities, so this investment represents an important moment in their search. For this reason, they expressed their gratitude to Governor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, who has shown her strong support and her commitment to the realization of this long-awaited project.

“The gratitude towards CESPM and Governor Marina del Pilar is enormous since what we longed for after years of battle has finally been achieved,” expressed Mr. Alfredo Zavala García, a resident of the area, with emotion.

“Since 1970 we have been waiting for this moment. We did not have access to water and now, thanks to the efforts of the CESPM team, we finally have the supply. We have faced enormous difficulties daily due to the lack of water, and now, thanks to the care and the Governor’s commitment, we will be able to enjoy this service. We are grateful for your consideration and for having carried out this project,” he added.

The completion of this project will not only provide consistent and reliable access to drinking water for residents but also represent a victory in the fight to improve living conditions in the community.

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