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CBP Launches 24/7 Operation for SENTRI Trusted Traveler Lanes at Calexico West Port of Entry to Ease Holiday Crossings


In a bid to enhance efficiency and streamline border crossings, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials have announced a temporary expansion of operating hours for the SENTRI Trusted Traveler Program vehicle lanes at the Calexico West Port of Entry.

Starting on Monday, November 13, CBP will initiate a two-month pilot program, extending the port’s hours of operation to a round-the-clock schedule, seven days a week. This temporary adjustment aims to address the evolving needs of Trusted Traveler Program members and provide added flexibility during a critical period, notably the upcoming holiday season.

Roque Caza, Calexico Area Port Director, expressed the agency’s commitment to improving services for travelers. “To better serve our Trusted Traveler Program members and continue increasing our flexibility, we will be piloting new operating hours for SENTRI vehicular traffic,” said Caza. “This extension will help us efficiently manage wait times, ensuring a smoother border crossing experience for travelers using the Calexico ports of entry.”

To facilitate travel planning, members of the public can monitor real-time vehicle wait times through CBP’s Border Wait Times website or by downloading the Border Wait Times mobile application on their smartphones. The wait times are regularly updated on an hourly basis, offering travelers valuable information for a seamless journey.

Additionally, CBP urges travelers to familiarize themselves with the “Know Before You Go” section on the agency’s website, emphasizing the importance of understanding regulations to avoid fines and penalties associated with prohibited items. “Know Before You Go” brochures are readily available at border ports of entry.

For those yet to enroll in a trusted traveler program and are frequent international travelers, now is an opportune time to sign up. CBP encourages interested individuals to visit the Official Trusted Traveler Program Website on the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) official website at [dhs.gov](https://www.dhs.gov/).

This strategic move by CBP not only aligns with modern travel expectations but also demonstrates a commitment to facilitating a smoother and more accessible border-crossing experience for the public, especially during peak travel times. As the pilot program unfolds, it presents an opportunity for both travelers and CBP to gauge the effectiveness of extended operational hours, paving the way for potential long-term improvements in border management.

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