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Relevant news concerning the region belonging to California and Baja California’s border.
Noticias relevantes relacionadas a la región perteneciente a la frontera de California y Baja California.

June, 2021

  • 25 June


    -Edtorial After intelligence and investigation, Geovanny “N” was captured in Tijuana for the crime of homicide and criminal association, related to the deprivation of the life of a local employee of the American consulate in 2020, reported the Security Bureau of Baja California. The head of the Security Table, Francisco …

  • 25 June

    Wine Workshop was held as part of the “Gastro Tour”

    MEXICALI, B.C.– As part of the events of the first edition of the “4 Days Gastro Tour Frontera 2021”, the Theoretical-Practical Wine Tasting Workshop was held at the Proyecto Xocolate establishment, which was also broadcast virtually. This workshop was organized by the State Council of Young Entrepreneurs of Baja California …

  • 22 June

    IID Board Reviews Leaching Regulation

    -Editorial The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors reviewed a water-related action item that would update a regulation that has not been changed in nearly three decades.  The Agricultural Water Advisory Committee, Farm Bureau, and certain IID water users have requested updated leaching regulations to clarify the leaching criteria and …

  • 22 June

    Mexicali Invites Everyone to be part of the event: “4 DAYS GASTRO TOUR”

    -Editorial At a press conference held in the Mexicali City Hall, details of the event “4 Days Gastro Tour Frontera 2021” was announced, which will take place from June 24 to 27, virtually and in person, with the participation of the Municipal Sub Council of Young Entrepreneurs and FOMYDE. The …

  • 21 June

    Same-sex marriage approved in Baja California

    MEXICALI, B.C.- After a bill to grant legality to same-sex marriages was defeated twice, it was approved last week by the Baja California Congress with 18 votes in favor, 4 votes against, and one abstention, the same marriage equality that gives rights to those involved in the civil union. Thus, …

  • 21 June

    Border Travel Restrictions Extended Until July

    -Editorial Travel restrictions between Mexico and the United States will be maintained for one more month until July according to the Department of Homeland Security.  Restrictions on non-essential land crossings from Mexico to States will remain until 11:59 p.m. on July 21, 2021, according to DHS.  “To reduce the spread …

  • 19 June

    More than 100 Thousand People Inoculated with the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine in Baja California

    -Editorial More than 126 thousand vaccines were applied on the second day of the COVID-19 vaccination day in people 18 years of age and older in Baja California, according to the 9:00 p.m. cutoff, shared by the Secretariat of State Health. The immunization day would continue on Friday night with …

  • 19 June

    Veteran to Walk U.S./Mexico Border in Support of Deported American Veterans

    -Editorial On Monday, June 28, 2021, USMC Veteran, and CEO/Founder of the American Veterans Homefront Initiative, Ramon Castro, will step off on a long journey across the U.S./Mexico Border to bring the needed awareness to seek immediate relief for deported American Veterans who have served their country. Currently, today’s American …

  • 18 June

    Tax Lawyer and Activist, Jaime Davila, believes that “Participation can transform Mexicali”

    MEXICALI, B.C.- An interview was conducted with the former mayoral candidate for the state capital, Jaime Dávila. After the process of the so-called largest elections in Mexico, the lawyer and environmentalist made some statements about the post-electoral environment. Regarding the election process that recently ended, the accountant expressed that the …

  • 18 June

    Biden Signs Law Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday

    -Editorial President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris signed into law a bill establishing Juneteenth National Independence Day, a celebration designating the end of slavery in the United States as a federal holiday. The law takes effect immediately and will be celebrated on Friday, June 18, since it is the …