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March, 2021

  • 16 March


    By: Teodoro Renteria Arróyave. Comment on Time, Column. As we have been analyzing, addressing the issue of Democracy is getting into such unfathomable issues because there are no specific criteria in this regard, but we do know that it is possible to fall into dark spaces that are difficult to …

November, 2020

  • 11 November

    Humanity’s vision towards the environment

    By: Mario Beltrán Mainero Consul for Community and Political Affairs at the Consulate of Mexico in Calexico For thousands of years most civilizations around the world, and particularly those of Western (European) origin, had the certainty that human beings were the absolute masters of nature. The Judeo-Christian ideology, completely dominant …

September, 2020

  • 29 September

    The New Normal?

    By: Melissa Dorame, Reporter The so-called ‘new normal’ is a term or a media expression that we constantly read or hear due to the current pandemic, however, it is not the first time that it has been used to explain “reality” in a certain way. Moreover, it seems important to …

August, 2020

  • 27 August

    The 2020 Olympic Games (that did not happen)

    By: Mario Beltrán Mainero Consul for Community and Political Affairs at the Consulate of Mexico in Calexico In the book “21 Lessons for the 21st Century,” Yuval Noah Harari, today’s most famous historian-philosopher, highlights the monumental civilizational achievement that is the Olympic Games. He is right on point. Although the …

  • 27 August

    Scarier than Anabelle

    By: Dr. Elton Gomez, Regenerative Medicine Specialist Some time ago it was a trend in social media that the devilish doll Anabelle had escaped from her containment cell in the museum, where she was kept on display, this was obviously a joke, which went viral. What is not a joke, …

  • 24 August

    Copyright Reform in Mexico

    By: Jaime Israel Davila Gomez, Attorney On the first day of July of this year, important changes to the Federal Copyright Law and the Federal Criminal Code were published in the Official Gazette of the Federation in Mexico, an order that, among other things, regulates and protects the rights of …

  • 1 August

    The USMCA will trigger investment, growth and a better bilateral relationship

    By: Ellie Burgueño After a long wait, the USMCA entered into force on July 1 of this year. What was even seen as something a little far from reality is now a fact. And to seal the treaty in a more personal way, President Donald Trump extended an invitation to …

July, 2020

  • 24 July


    By: Teodoro Renteria Arróyave Of course, we must worry about economic COVID, which the entire world is already facing, but not to the degree of total despair that has been caused in previous crises, taking people to suicides, regrettable events that, obviously, have no regress. António Guterres himself, Secretary-General of …

June, 2020

  • 15 June

    The Mexico-USA relationship

    Column: Binational Perspective For more than 40 years I’ve been managing business between the US and Mexico, the conditions have never been in place with so much potential to take the border region from Matamoros-Brownsville to San Diego-Tijuana, few of us consider this scenario to be very positive during the …

  • 8 June


    By: Teodoro Renteria Arróyave On the eve, we remember the “Press Freedom Day”, which for journalists in the world in general and in Mexico in particular, has ceased from decades to be a day of celebration to become only a painful commemoration, therefore again, it is reiterated that for the …