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Governor Gregg Abbott of Texas Could Be Declared a Perpetrator of Crimes Against Humanity

By: Teodoro Rentería Arróyave, journalist and writer

The governor of Texas in the United States, Gregg Abbott, could be accused and convicted as a criminal of crimes against humanity due to his unilateral decision to place buoys in the strip of the Rio Grande in the state he poorly governs. According to his schizophrenic mentality, this is to prevent migration from Mexico to that territory, in his arrogant ignorance, not knowing the history that those lands were forcibly taken from our country.

Despite President Joe Biden’s complaint, the Texan governor refused to remove the buoys he ordered to be placed in the Rio Grande, the natural border with Mexico, and arrogantly replied, “See you in court. Texas will defend its autonomy at the border to stop the humanitarian crisis caused by Biden’s migration policy.”

The US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas on Monday for installing a barrier of buoys in the Rio Grande, the natural border with Mexico, without FEDERAL authorization, with the aim of stopping the passage of migrants.

The US prosecution had given the Texas governor, Republican Gregg Abbott, a deadline that ended on Monday to remove the buoys due to the environmental and humanitarian risks they pose to migrants.

The civil lawsuit demanded the removal of the buoys, considering that Texas violates the 1899 Rivers and Harbors Act by installing them without authorization from the government of Democrat Joe Biden.

Greg Abbott’s buoys are a measure he has implemented to try to prevent the passage of undocumented migrants across the Rio Grande, which separates Mexico from the United States. He argues that the buoys are necessary to “protect the security and sovereignty of Texas, as well as to prevent more deaths of people attempting to cross the river.”

The excessive measure has been criticized and rejected by the federal governments of the United States and Mexico, as well as by human rights organizations and Democratic lawmakers.

They have warned that the buoys violate federal law, international treaties, migrant rights, and the environment. Furthermore, they can increase the risk of drowning, accidents, and conflicts in the border area.

President Joe Biden has sued Abbott in court to remove the buoys and respect federal immigration policy. Abbott, for his part, has remained firm in his stance and accused Biden, in his racist schizophrenia, of causing a humanitarian and security crisis at the border with his presidential policy of ‘open borders.’

Certainly, the conflict between the two politicians reflects the deep ideological and partisan differences that exist in the United States on the immigration issue.

Some experts fear that the buoys will not deter migrants but will force them to seek more dangerous routes or rely on human traffickers. They argue that the buoys can alter the river flow, affect fauna and flora, pollute the water, harm fishing and tourism, and generate conflicts between inhabitants on both sides of the border.

Of course, the relationship between Mexico and the United States could deteriorate due to the disagreement over this measure. The Mexican government immediately expressed its rejection of the buoys and sent a diplomatic note to the US government, arguing that they violate the 1944 water treaty and may invade Mexican territory.

According to the United Nations, UN, migrant crises will worsen worldwide, as it estimates that one in every 23 people will require humanitarian assistance this year, setting a historical record.

These international racists are the ones who have caused the most serious conflicts in human history. How long will we tolerate them?

For now, it is expected that Gregg Abott, the governor of Texas, if persisting in his irrational racism, will be declared and tried for crimes against humanity.


Journalist and writer Teodoro Rentería Arróyave holds several prominent positions, including being the president of the National College of Journalism Graduates (CONALIPE) and serving as the secretary of Social Development for the Latin American Federation of Journalists (FELAP). He is also the founding and honorary lifetime president of the Federation of Mexican Journalists Associations (FAPERMEX). Additionally, Teodoro Rentería Arróyave is a member of the permanent Consultative Council of Club Primera Plana and has been honored with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa by the International University. He is an Academic Member of the National Academy of History and Geography (ANHG).

For any comments or critiques, you can reach him at teodororenteriaa@gmail.com. He hosts programs on Libertas Radio, broadcasting throughout the Republic. You are invited to visit the following websites: www.felap.info, www.ciap-felap.org, www.fapermex.org, www.clubprimeraplana.org, and the portal irradia noticias.com.

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