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November, 2020

  • 11 November

    Coparmex points out illegality and unconstitutionality

    -Editorial Mexicali, B.C.- In recent days a decree was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) that explains the cut to the bonus for federal workers. Due to this, Coparmex released a statement in which this action is classified as a serious violation of human rights. This presidential …

  • 11 November

    Georgia Orders Vote Recount by Hand for Presidential Race

    -Editorial Georgia’s secretary of state announced Wednesday that the state will conduct an audit of the 2020 presidential race, recounting by hand the millions of ballots cast in the state, where President-elect Joe Biden is leading. Georgia will conduct a statewide recount of ballots cast in the election between President …

  • 10 November

    Opposing Political Groups Clash in Washington D.C.

    -Editorial As the nation continues to be divided about the outcome of the election, many are planning to go to Washington D.C. to either support President Donald Trump or demand that he leaves and admits his defeat. It’s been a week after the presidential election and Trump has still not …

  • 9 November

    President-elect Biden unveils COVID-19 task force

    -Editorial President-elect Biden’s transition team unveiled the members of his Covid-19 task force on Monday, a team of former government health officials, academics, and major figures in medicine. The list includes Rick Bright, the former head of the vaccine-development agency BARDA ousted by the Trump administration in April; Atul Gawande, …

  • 9 November

    Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine is looking 90% effective

    -Editorial People all over the world received good news as Pfizer announced that a vaccine candidate has been successful. The vaccine candidate was found to be more than 90% effective in preventing COVID-19 in participants without evidence of prior SARS-CoV-2 infection in the first interim efficacy analysis. The analysis evaluated …

  • 6 November

    Biden Takes the Lead in the Presidential Election

    -Editorial Joe Biden is getting closer to become the next president of the United States as he has taken a small lead in some of the battleground states Friday morning. Joe Biden has overtaken President Trump in Pennsylvania and in Georgia, as vote counting continues. He is also holding onto …

  • 6 November

    Trump Claims Democrats Are Trying to Steal the Election

    -Editorial President Donald Trump is accusing Democrats of trying to steal the election and says there has been voter fraud. Trump spoke Thursday evening from the White House, the first time that he has addressed the public since his remarks in the early hours of Wednesday morning after election night. …

  • 4 November

    The Popular Vote Does Not Elect the President of the United States

    -Editorial Joe Biden is winning the popular vote but that doesn’t mean he will win the presidency. Both candidates need 270 electoral votes to be elected President. The Electoral College is the only way someone can become President of the United States. In 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote …

October, 2020

  • 25 October

    Second Stimulus Package Approval Improbable Before Election Day

    -Editorial Between the presidential election, supreme court nomination, and partisan fights the possibility of having a new stimulus package for people affected by COVID-19 seems like an impossible task. Millions of Americans will be hoping that the package includes provision for a second round of the $1,200 stimulus checks that …

  • 22 October

    Trump and Biden Face Each Other During Final Debate of the Campaign

    -Editorial President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, squared off in their final debate Thursday. The first presidential debate on 29 September had descended into insults and interruptions. The second presidential debate was cancelled since Trump didn’t want to do a virtual debate since he tested positive for …