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August, 2020

  • 30 August

    NBA Resumes Games and Will Tackle Social Issues

    -Editorial The NBA and National Basketball Players Association released a joint statement Friday announcing that the NBA playoffs will resume Saturday and that the league and its players will work together on several initiatives to promote voting access, combat social injustice and racial inequality, and advocate for police reform. The …

  • 28 August

    Donald Trump Accepts the Nomination for President of the United States

    -Editorial President Donald Trump formally accepted the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday night, breaking norms by doing so from a packed White House lawn during a pandemic. Trump unleashed against Joe Biden and called him an instrument of the radical left and how could his election destabilize the Country. The …

  • 24 August

    Copyright Reform in Mexico

    By: Jaime Israel Davila Gomez, Attorney On the first day of July of this year, important changes to the Federal Copyright Law and the Federal Criminal Code were published in the Official Gazette of the Federation in Mexico, an order that, among other things, regulates and protects the rights of …

  • 23 August

    Mexican Magazine Fined by Federal Government for Critical of Them

    -Editorial There is concern among members of the media in Mexico that the federal government is starting to censor the press that is critical of them. The Nexos magazine says the government has taken a unilateral decision to impose the sanction despite the fact that the 2018 contract was signed …

  • 22 August

    Congress Passes Bill to Support the Postal Service Instead of Working On a Stimulus Package

    -Editorial The House of Representatives met in special session Saturday to provide billions of dollars to the U.S. Postal Service instead of working to pass a stimulus bill to help families during this pandemic. Congress went to recess until September after failing to pass a stimulus package that could help …

  • 22 August

    Is PPP The Right Approach to Keeping Businesses Alive? One Startup’s Research Says No

    -Editorial PPP (Payment Protection Program) and other Cares Act funding were released to businesses under the disguise of ‘trying to keep them alive’. This is because governments know that businesses are the touchstones of local economies. They are the source of jobs, commerce, and vital services. However, we keep seeing …

  • 18 August

    Democrats Join in Support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

    -Editorial The Democratic National Convention is taking place online and it will be where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be officially confirmed as presidential candidates. Originally scheduled to be held July 13–16, 2020, at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the United States, …

  • 16 August

    Presidential discourse discrediting Constellation Brands puts investments in BC at risk, industrialists in Mexico state

    -Editorial Given the reality that we are currently experiencing, our Country needs three fundamental principles to strengthen its economic development: easiness to invest and do business; a stable political and social environment and finally unrestricted adherence to the rule of law, assured Alberto Sánchez Torres, President of the National Chamber …

  • 16 August

    Trump Talks About Advances in Response to COVID-19

    -Editorial President Donald Trump says they have done the right thing when it comes to Covid-19. Trump also shared that there are currently three COVID-19 vaccine candidates that are in Phase 3 of trials. He said he believed that the elderly and those who are considered at high-risk should be …

  • 14 August

    The Coronavirus Economic Crisis Impacts Hispanics in the United States in 2020

    By: Dr. Alejandro Díaz-Bautista, Economist (PhD). Hispanic businesses and their jobs are among the hardest hit by the coronavirus during 2020. “Hispanics are among the essential workers who have been most exposed to the coronavirus due to the very typical lack of necessary sanitary protection in their workplaces. The coronavirus …