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CANACINTRA Mexicali Celebrates Annual Gathering


After 35 years of business relationships and friendship, Canacintra Mexicali celebrated with a big event that brought the industry together.

Combining music, comedy, drinks and good food, Canacintra celebrated their “Convivencia” or gathering that also served as a business expo to network with local business people.

Adding a perfect October weather, the annual gathering had the perfect ingredients to be a success.

“This is a night to relax and everyone be friends,” said Eugenio Lagarde, President of Canacintra Mexicali. “We invited all the other chambers and we are expecting 900  attendees,”

One of the participating companies was Meconsa who was one of the first companies affiliated to Canacintra from the very beginning and continue to work closely with them.

“Canacintra gives us the platform to be in contact with other business and reach clients,” said Carlos Villavicencio of Meconsa. He added that the relationship with Canacintra has helped grow their business.

Kenworth has also been with Canacintra from the very beginning and continues to work together to help the industry grow.

“This is an important event since it allows us to see our clients and meet new prospects for our company, said Gregorio Castro from Kenworth.

Another company present at the event was Su Karne who this year celebrates 30 years in Mexicali. The company employs in its Mexicali plant 1,470 people.

“Our relationship with Canacintra has always been great because it opens doors to us and they are always there to help you when you ask for their help,” said Leticia Marquez, representative of Su Karne Mexicali.

L.A. Cetto from Valle de Guadalupe in Ensenada has participated in the Canacintra event and has been beneficial for them since they have attracted people from Mexicali to their winery.

“Before it was strange to see people from Mexicali going to the wineries but now we see them regularly and it’s because we come to events like this one that motivates them to visit us,” said Marco Amador from L.A. Cetto.

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