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Bold Initiative Unveiled to Curb Exorbitant Fee Hikes in Baja California Private Schools


The representative of the MORENA parliamentary group, Ramón Vázquez Valadez, presented an initiative to prevent private education institutions from increasing the costs of their services arbitrarily, unilaterally, and above inflation without the authorization of the state educational authority. The Autonomous University of Baja California State has exceeded the demand for admission, causing the largest number of rejects from the higher education system, and given the need for space for educational development, young people opt for the private education system. 

“We found a very strong problem that has to do with taking advantage of human needs and having uncontrolled and abusive mercantilist practices,” said Vázquez Valadez. Although some controls have been sought, the reality is that there is a dispersed commercial practice within the universities of the private sector, which lacerates the economy of the population, and this is an opportunity to restrict abuse. 

With this proposal it is intended to add a formula that limits abusive increases in the collection of registrations, fees, monthly payments, and other services in private educational centers, the congressman said. 

In addition, it seeks to establish that private schools grant scholarships to seven percent of the total number of enrolled students, whose percentage may not be less than thirty percent of the cost of tuition. He said that his initiative to reform articles 123 and 125 of the Education Law must prosper to implement urgent solution mechanisms, “It is unfair that the human right to higher education of our young Baja Californians is violated,” Ramón Vázquez said. 

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