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Binational Fight Against Breast Cancer Unites Calexico and Mexicali


The cities of Calexico and Mexicali have created a powerful movement aimed at raising awareness about breast cancer. Through shared efforts, these neighboring cities are determined to spread hope, joy, and knowledge. Cancer affects everyone including children. That is the case of Lydia Felix, 20, of Calexico who suffered cancer in her teenage years and joined the walk celebrating years of being in remission. 

“I see it more than anything as a learning experience and I’m great to continue standing and I’m grateful each day that I wake up,” Felix said.

In a tradition that has grown through the years, the event “Lazo Rosa Binacional” unites people from Mexicali and Calexico as each of them walks to the border fence to meet and tie their ribbon through the border fence. The goal is to motivate more women to check themselves regularly so more lives can be saved. 

“When there is a cause, there is no wall, no barrier that can divide us,” said Mexican Consul Tarcisio Navarrete Montes de Oca. “This is an issue that doesn’t diminish its importance and all women should check themselves for detection and prevention.” 

Representing DIF of Baja California Mavis Olmeda Garcia said that they are sister communities working for a common cause. 

“This barrier will never untie the love we have for each other and this march is an example of that,” Olmeda Garcia said. 

Calexico Mayor Pro Tem Gloria Romo thanked CBP authorities for allowing this event to take place. 

“This is historic not only for Calexico but for the whole world. More than ever we need to create a conscience about breast cancer. Calexico is in direct communication with health authorities these types of events need to grow. We need to contact our legislators from both sides of the border so there can be changes to health law so that more people can cure themselves from this disease.”

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