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Armando Ayala delivers second State of the City address to the Ensenada


In an extraordinary session, Ensenada Mayor Armando Ayala Robles presented, in accordance with current regulations, his second government report to the plenary session of the city council. 

In his message, the mayor of Ensenada stated that since the first day he began to govern the municipality, he and his team have not stopped working nor will they stop doing so.

“Together, we have been putting together the Fourth Transformation, with ideals, with proposals, always aimed at the improvement and well-being of Ensenada families,” he highlighted.

Armando Ayala specified that the report contains all the information related to this second year of work at the head of the XXIV Ensenada City Council, such as the investment of more than 247 million pesos from the Energía Costa Azul Social Investment Program, that were allocated to the improvement of public spaces and equipment.

He highlighted that, with the support of the federation and the government of the state of Baja California, more than 4 billion pesos have been invested in public works in Ensenada, in addition to the fact that the works that he managed before Sedatu have already been completed.

He thanked Governor Marina del Pilar for her support in the rehabilitation of roads such as the Sauzal node, in which more than 300 million pesos will be invested, to improve the mobility of the city in the next 15 years, giving greater use to Libramiento, in addition to streets, avenues and the delivery of more than 10 million pesos in social support in more than 70 Days With the Heart Ahead.

“I also highlight the tireless support of our president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to whom from this Council we send an affectionate greeting. Thank you, president, for the affection you have for the people of Ensenada, as you say, Love is repaid with love!” he stressed.

In that sense, the mayor of Ensenada highlighted that the government of President López Obrador has allocated resources to support the main needs that the municipality has, such as the investment to start the IMSS Regional Hospital and the special program for the regularization of cars as well as the money raised that is invested in road rehabilitation.

In financial matters, the mayor said, the document contains information related to the payments that have been made to the Issstecali and IMSS, with whom they made agreements to pay off the historical debt with both institutions.

“Much of what has been done up to this point would not be possible without the dedication, passion, and service of the council who make up the XXIV Ensenada City Council, to whom I recognize their work, camaraderie, and dedication to the service of our people,” stated Armando Ayala.

Council members issued positions 

After the delivery of the Second Government Report, the councilors representing each of the different political forces present in the City Council issued their position on the state of the municipal administration.

In that sense, the councilor of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico, Olga Marcela Valdez Melgoza, among one of the points she addressed, was that the implementation of the regulatory improvement must be accelerated and the digitalization of procedures completed.

Likewise, councilor Alma Lorena Antúnez García, representative of Movimiento Ciudadano, commented that it will always be good to invest in the area of ​​culture, arts, and sports because it will contribute to prevention actions.

The councilor of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, María Isabel Villareal Camarena, acknowledged that they are working to provide better public services, in addition to commenting that the police force must be improved.

Miguel Orea Santiago, independent councilor, referred to the work that has been done in terms of legal certainty for those who have the least, in addition to addressing the political panorama that exists in the entity and the country.

Representing the faction of the Labor Party, Noralba Reyes Ortega pointed out that the feeling of the citizens when they tour the neighborhoods is satisfaction because they are working on each of the commitments they acquired as a coalition in the last election.


Norma Angélica Silva Aguirre, councilor of the Encuentro Solidario Party, commented that strengths lie in coincidences, which is why she recognized the efforts that have been made to mitigate the municipality’s historical debt, as well as in road improvement, although she said that there is still a lot to do.

For her part, the councilor of the National Action Party, Brenda Aracely Valenzuela Tortoledo, addressed each of the guiding axes that make up the 2021-2024 Municipal Development Plan.

Finally, representing the Morena faction, Councilor Sergio Alejandro Ayala Laveaga, stated that significant progress has been achieved in public finances, efficiency in the provision of public services, the decrease in crime rates, and the modernization and rehabilitation of roads, sports, recreational and tourist infrastructure.

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