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Alicia Hobbs to showcase her work at Art Basel exhibit


Los Angeles-based contemporary artist Alicia Hobbs, who once traded her medical school aspirations for a paintbrush and palette, has propelled herself to success in the art world.

Her distinctive paintings are often renditions of iconic Masters’ portraits, such as Girl With a Pearl Earring, but with a twist- they are dressed in vintage designer clothing pieces that Alicia picks out herself. Notable figures like Bruno Bischofberger, an introducer of Warhol and Basquiat, have applauded her work, and her pieces are collected internationally, including celebrity collectors such as Paris Hilton. She will now exhibit her artwork to Art Basel Dec. 6-10 in Miami, Florida.

What sets Alicia apart is her meteoric rise without gallery representation, challenging the norms of the art world. Despite facing rejection from countless galleries, her paintings have experienced a staggering 900% increase in just two years, a testament to her unwavering commitment and undeniable talent. When galleries closed their doors, Wall Street opened theirs. In a recent groundbreaking move, New York-based investor GCF Family Office has chosen to invest in Alicia’s art business. This strategic partnership is expected to catapult her already impressive increase to astronomical heights. She is not just an artist to watch—she is an excellent entrepreneur and an artist poised to redefine contemporary art.

Hobbs is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work focuses primarily on the relationship between light and color.

She captures this mainly through portraits dressed in her unique fashion pieces, which she aims to match at her shows. Unexpected color palettes, juicy textures, and tiny inner monologue quotes scattered throughout give her pieces a playful and childlike flair.

Originally from Mississippi, Alicia moved to Los Angeles in 2020 where she opened her Beverly Hills-based gallery, Alicia Hobbs Fine Art. She now travels the country as a full-time artist showing her work, alongside her pup Ritzy Roodles.

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