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What is intravenous therapy serum?

By: Dr. Elton Gomez, Regenerative Medicine Specialist

Our body is a wonderful machine, the product of millions of years of evolution, however, like all machines, it requires certain elements to function correctly, or at least as efficiently as possible, unfortunately, our organic systems require many nutrients, trace elements and vitamins that we will most likely not find or will not be able to fulfill correctly just by taking our usual diet, even if it is adequate, therefore it will be necessary to apply them in such a way that the body can easily assimilate and use, in this way the intravenous serum therapy as a way of taking these nutrients directly to the body to be used, which is applied through a catheter placed in a vein in the arm, carrying them through the bloodstream. Among the many benefits of intravenous therapy, with generally few side effects for the patient.

The improvement of the immune system, the improvement of the energetic capacity of the organism, and the improvement of the work capacity and performance in all aspects are applied to the trace elements vitamins minerals, endogenous enzymes, exogenous enzymes, and essential amino acids according to the needs of the patient, thus, intravenous serum therapy is constituted as another tool of regenerative medicine.

Among the normal treatment strategies in serum therapy, a specific mixture is included in the form of a cocktail of several components that synergize with each other, dissolved in a special solution, depending on the osmolarity of all the components, a volume is applied of approximately 150 ml, and is infused through a vein into the blood and circulation, in an approximate time between 15 minutes to half an hour.

This therapy time length must also be applied, including regular medical control, to adequately monitor the patient’s health, although the results in the medium and short term are excellent.

An adequate assessment of the patient and his general condition will allow us to reach an appropriate balance and determine which are the most necessary nutrients for his body, the number of times that therapy is applied will depend on the response of the patient’s body, being an average of between four and 6 applications, taking one per week, adjusting it to the patient’s needs.

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