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Thousands of People March for Life in Mexicali

By: Juan Carlos Lopez

More than 7 thousand people marched in Mexicali in favor of life and against legislative proposals to decriminalize abortion throughout the country, with placards, shouts and cheers of: Yes to life, no to death! People expressed dissatisfaction with the initiatives of the new legislators.

The mega march was formed of different schools, groups and civil and religious associations from different sectors of the population who dressed in white and blue handkerchiefs showing their repudiation of the new Morenista legislators’ proposals.

This peaceful demonstration began in the Vicente Guerrero Park, to end with a rally in the plaza of the three branches where representatives of the different organizations spoke, reiterating their position in favor of life and with the motto “DEFEND BOTH LIVES.”

Guillermo Montaño, Director of the Organization “Subjects of Life and Family”, said that these peaceful mobilizations will continue so that the laws in favor of abortion and euthanasia are rejected and not applied, and he invited the citizens to participate in the different elections and to be well informed when casting a vote for a candidate who brings government initiatives that threaten life and people’s health.

In the presence of thousands of protesters, representatives of the different pro-life groups delivered a petition document to Senator, Gina Cruz Blackledge, who gladly spoke in favor of giving full support to the groups that are in defense of life, as well as promising to join the fight for just causes in favor of population and be the voice that represents them in the Senate of the Republic. Former senator Victor Hermosillo also joint the march.

Likewise, in a peaceful manner, this march was concluded in front of the offices of the Government of the State where the echo of the sentiment of the population that participated in the Blue march was expressed.

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