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San Diego City Council Moves Forward with Palisades Project to Activate More of Balboa Park


The San Diego City Council unanimously approved the final action needed to begin construction of the $1.2 million Palisades Plaza project to replace a portion of a Balboa Park parking lot with an inviting, pedestrian-friendly space for the public to enjoy.

Today’s action gave the authorization to expend $600,000 to use City employees to begin the work, following initial approval in the Fiscal Year 2020 budget.

“The City can now begin to restore the Palisades area to its original vision of a walkable, family-friendly space where people can find a spot to sit and enjoy a beautiful day in San Diego’s crown jewel,” said Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer. “The new seating and landscaping amenities will be a welcome addition for park visitors, and the project is a great first step to revitalizing Balboa Park.”

The Palisades project will reduce motorized vehicles in the area, and create a more welcoming community space for pedestrians. The current project will remove a section of the existing parking lot asphalt and replace it with turf, benches, tables, chairs and more. New accessibility curb ramps, trees, lighting, irrigation, and other landscaping will also be installed.

The remaining parking area in the northern section of Palisades will be repaved and re-striped along with upgrades to the existing tram stop. City crews will also be resurfacing other parking lots in the park to minimize the parking spaces removed as part of the project.  The project is expected to begin in March and take about four months to complete.

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