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Pioneers Memorial Hospital Foundation presents donation check

Members of the Pioneers Memorial Hospital Foundation present a check to PIONEERS MEMORIAL’S Chief of Staff Shahrouz Tahvilian for the purchase of a Mac-Lab Recording System during a check presentation on Monday morning.  

In anticipation of PIONEERS MEMORIAL’S new Cath Lab/ Surgery Suite, the Pioneers Memorial Hospital Foundation announced it would be donating a Mac-Lab Recording System to the hospital.

The occasion was highlighted by a check presentation at 11 a.m. this morning in the auditorium at Pioneers Memorial Hospital.

The system will be part of a comprehensive cath lab workflow infrastructure designed to help make PMH more efficient, productive and strengthen its ability to care for its patients effectively.

It will add an extra level of care for the patients at the new cardiac cath lab, neurosurgery suite and interventional radiology suite, which will bring a new level of care to the community for radiology and cardiology.

From imaging to recording to IT, everything works as one to provide efficient point-of-care data collection. The Mac-Lab will easily input documentation at any point during a patients’ care pathway and will automatically consolidate related data into a single procedure report, pre-op through post-op.

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