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Pioneers Memorial Healthcare district introduces Dr. Marc Manix, Neurosurgeon

Dr. Marc Manix is a talented young doctor (33) who recently started his practice at Pioneers Hospital. He’s a specialist in the brain and the spine and is ready to see all patients needing his services.

In an exclusive interview with Beyond Borders Gazette, Dr. Marc Manix said:

“What I bring to the valley are surgical services not yet provided in the Imperial Valley, and so now all of these patients no longer need to travel to San Diego for treatment.   Being fresh out of residency, I bring the newest techniques and modern equipment with me to PMH.  Pioneers purchased a Neuronavigation machine (I will explain this later), and a new surgical microscope (this may be another point – I do microsurgeries – or surgeries that require the use of a microscope.  I don’t believe there is someone else in the area that does this).

I think it is especially important to focus on the brain surgery aspect.  I find that some people feel this is something that “shouldn’t” be done in the valley, as if it can only be performed in San Diego, but this is not true.  The vast majority of brain tumors can be safely treated here.  That also helps the family as the hospital stay for these conditions can be a few days or more.  There are some critically ill patients that must be transferred to San Diego, and I can see them here an stabilize them prior to transfer.”

The services provided include treatment of: brain tumors, trigeminal neuralgia, spine (herniated discs, stenosis, sciatica), kyphoplasty, minimally invasive spine surgery, spinal cord stimulators, trauma, carpal tunnel syndrome.

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